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Dennis Dixon – Starting Material? Not So Fast My Friend

Media outlets and fellow Steeler fans are a buzz with talk of Dennis Dixon possibly becoming the starter for the first 4 games of the season… after 8 pass attempts and a couple runs against the defensive backups for the Detroit Lions. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for the kid but I think everyone is jumping the gun just a little bit to say the least. Dixon still has a LONG way to go before people should even be contemplating Dixon as starter material. He needs reps with the 1st team offense, he needs to show that he can consistently throw in the pocket (and out of it), he needs to show that he can read a defense on a consistent basis. NONE of these things have happened, he is not starting material…yet. The favorite heading into camp, Byron Leftwich, did have a rocky 1st game in the preseason this year but so did the entire starting offense (bad pass protection and fumbles by the RB’s). Let’s weigh the pros and cons of both QB’s…

Dennis Dixon

The Pros –

– He’s athletic, which could help with a shoddy O-line

– He’s young and hungry, has a lot to prove

– Has shown SOME potential as an accurate passer

The Cons –

– Hasn’t shown much potential as an accurate passer

– Inexperienced

– Has a poor playcaller as his OC, which could really hurt his overall effectiveness

– Looks like he could be broken in two by a big D-lineman

Byron Leftwich

The Pros –

– Has a ton of experience

– Can be accurate with the ball when given time

– Has good vision of the field

The Cons –

– May be the slowest NFL QB to ever play the game, behind a shoddy O-line, that really hurts

– Has may have the slowest release of any NFL QB to play the game

– Can be inconsistent with throws

The bottomline is, regardless of who is QB (today there has been talk by Bruce Arians of playing both QB’s), if the Steelers are going to win the first 4 games without Ben at the helm it’ll be by running the ball, good defense and winning the turnover battle. We can just hope at this point that the QB play will not be too much of a hindrance until Ben gets back in the saddle.

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