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Tyler Grisham Watch

This kid is my diamond in the rough. Signed as a 2009 undrafted WR out of Clemson, Grisham has shown grit, determination and a lot of heart during his college career, in preseason and in the extremely limited amount of time he’s played in real NFL action. Am I crazy even talking about this youngster? Maybe, but let’s consider a few things – He was undrafted last year, but still made the team (albeit on the practice squad), he impressed the coaches so much that he was bumped up to the active roster and actually played in a couple games and ended up snagging a very impressive 14 yard grab on a crucial third down against the Ravens. And guess what? He’s still on the team. Consider that there are plenty of draft picks that don’t even make the roster their first year. After watching Grisham at Clemson and in the preseason I see a WR in the mold of one Hines Ward – a possession WR that possesses a ton of heart, determination and grit. No, he’ll never replace Ward, even if he continues to make the team, but he COULD replace Ward’s position in the slot eventually. Is it a longshot? Yes, but when you consider that Ward will be retiring soon along with recently re-signed WR Antwan Randle El and there’s a shot. Just today he burned current starting CB Darren McFadden in red zone drills. Keep an eye out for him in preseason!

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