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– NFL owners, during a meeting in Atlanta, have unanimously approved of a new 18-game season. The players are still undecided on it. Under the current labor agreement that NFL could impose the 18-game season but that contract expires after this year. The players would have to approve of it under the new collective bargaining agreement, hopefully, they decide not to do it. An 18-game season would drastically change the NFL, rosters would, in all likelihood, have to be expanded, the risk of injuries would increase and statistical performances would be hard to gauge when comparing them to past 16-game seasons. The playoff format could also potentially be changed and expanded even though more teams are not being added to the league. In other words, it’ll water down an arguably already watered down league. All because the NFL simply wants to make more money, it’s already a multi-billion dollar business. Enough’s enough. Change can be good, but in the case of the NFL, it’s  been mostly the opposite in recent years.

– Albert Haynesworth and Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan have been a feudin’. I haven’t cared enough to actually read the articles about it but I’m guessing Haynesworth has been acting like his usual douchebag self and being a team cancer and Shanahan (unlike past coaches) is calling him on it. Shocker!

– Why is it that whenever a young white receiver makes a catch in a preseason game, the announcer for the game compares him automatically to Wes Welker? I’ve seen this happen in about 4 or 5 preseason games this year and I find it both hilarious and a little sad. I yearn for the day when a white player can be compared to a black player and vice versa!!! Take the shackles off!!! This happens all the time when comparing players during games, not just at the wide receiver position. And most of the time it isn’t the two players playing styles that are similar but their skin color.

– Brett Favre just cried a little inside (and maybe doubted his decision to come back to play this year) after Pro Bowl WR Sidney Rice had hip surgery that will keep him out at least half the season.

– Look for the Green Bay Packers to have a top 5 offense this year. The only question mark is an O-line that was shaky last year. QB Aaron Rodgers is already one of the better QB’s in the league.

– Terrell Owens is still a D-bagger.

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