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Well, I turned up for work drunk again. That’s gotta be about the 5th time that’s happened so far this year. Luckily, no one noticed. Tomlin kind of gave me a weird look but that happens all the time. Did you guys spot me on the sideline during the Giants game last Saturday? Yup, I was wasted. You see that picture of me in this blog? Yup, drunk. One thing I like to do to mask the smell of the alcohol is eat a lot of pepperoni pizza as I’m walking over to the practice field. It’s worked like a charm so far but sometimes I’ll spill some of the sauce and cheese on my shirt, I can be a sloppy eater when I’ve had a few. When that happens some of the guys will come up to me and ask “Bruce, are you alright? Is that blood?” Haha, I just shake my head and go about my business as being the best offensive playcaller in the business. Now I’ve read some rumblings from sports writers and Steeler fans that they liked what they saw with the pony backfield of Redman and Mendenhall. Don’t get too excited Steeler fans, I was so drunk during that game that I thought I was putting in Frank Summers, not Redman. That won’t happen again! Putting both those guys in the same backfield really limits what we can do downfield. I love the look of a deep ball, short passes to RB’s are for suckers. Until next time, Steeler fans, have a good weekend!

– Big Daddy

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