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The #1 question fans come up and ask me isn’t the obvious ones you’d think like “How did you come up with such an awesome gameplan last week?” or “Why aren’t you a head coach yet?” or “When you die, will you donate your brain to science?” Nope, it’s “How’s it like working with such a great QB as Ben?” Well, let me tell you, it’s GREAT! My personal nickname for Ben is “Gravy Train”, I don’t know why, I guess I just like the name! Ben is a great player to coach. No doubt this cool cat would still be considered one of the best coaches in the biz, but Ben makes my job a little easier. Ben is so good that I like to challenge him during games by randomly throwing out different plays, not only does this confuse the opposing team’s defense but it makes Ben a better QB! The night before the game I’ll put in one of my favorite movies (Weekend at Bernie’s 2 is a personal favorite), kick back and write down a bunch of random plays onto a piece of paper that I hide in my pocket on gameday and pull out when needed. I call them the “challenge plays”, it’s fun. Sometimes, after calling 3 “challenge plays” in a row and before the ensuing punt, Ben will come off the field looking at me like he wants to kill me! Ben is such a kidder! I tell him, “Ben this will only make you a better QB, plus we can’t keep calling plays that have worked earlier in the game, the opposing defense will only expect that and I’m all about the element of surprise”. If that makes me an innovative playcaller, then so be it, guilty as charged! Ben usually just stares at me and says something like “fuck this, I’m calling my own plays next series.” I just give him a wink and off we go! Yep, me and Ben make a pretty damn good team and I look forward to many more successful seasons together. Until next week, Steeler fans, take care!

– Big Daddy

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