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Quick Thoughts on the Cuts

The Steelers have officially announced the final cuts. Let’s take a closer look at the players let go.

– LB Patrick Bailey – A try hard player and former Steelers “rookie of the year”,  this wasn’t a big shocker, but somewhat of a surprise. With all the LB’s the Steelers drafted this year and special teams players signed in the offseason, the writing on the wall for Bailey began before training camp even started.

– CB Joe Burnett – A big surprise from what I’ve seen. Burnett hasn’t necessarily shown that he’s starting material yet but he’s definitely shown signs that he could be at the very least a solid nickel back. It may have been a numbers game for Burnett. There are a lot of DB’s on this team now, Ike Taylor and Bryant McFadden the starters, William Gay, second year player Keenan Lewis, emerging rookie Crzedon Butler and ST’er CB Anthony Madison.  Still, this move has me scratching my head somewhat given that Burnett is only in his second year and actually played in games last year and looked decent while Keenan Lewis did not.

– S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith – Just an eventuality with Cromartie-Smith. Unfortunately for him, he looked lost out there during preseason.

– WR Tyler Grisham – Grisham will probably be put on the practice squad like last year. He’s proven he can catch the ball, he’s quick and tough and seems determined. But he just hasn’t been given enough opportunities, with the drafting of Sanders and Brown this year and the FA signings of Battle and Randel El, Grisham had a pretty steep hill to climb to make this team. Hopefully the Steelers give this kid a legit shot in the future.

– DE Sunny Harris – Not a big shocker but the Steelers D-line is aging and Harris definitely has potential.

– C Justin Hartwig – Everyone knew Hartwig’s days were probably numbered when Pouncey was given the starting job. There was a chance he could’ve been kept as a backup at both center and guard. Personally I would’ve liked to have seen him given a chance at Essex’s spot or at the very least for depth. Hartwig seemed displeased about the demotion which may have made the coaches decision easier.

– WR Stefan Logan – Some weren’t surprised to see Logan go, but I was for the simple fact that no one else on the team has looked great returning kicks and punts in the preseason or last season.

– DT Steve McLendon – I honestly don’t even know who this guy is, so I guess it’s not a shocker to me that he was let go. What’s surprising is he made the final cuts.

– FB Frank Summers – Some didn’t like to see him go, but Summers hasn’t really proven he can be an effective blocking FB. I wonder if people would’ve cared so much if his nickname wasn’t “The Tank”.

– OG Kraig Urbik – A third year 3rd round draft pick, Urbik seemed to be making improvements at guard but was let go for whatever reason. This is a surprise (and perhaps a mistake) given there aren’t any real backup guards now on the team and Essex hasn’t been very impressive at all at starting RG. I wonder what the coaching staff is thinking on this one.

– DT Doug Worthington – Some fans are crying over this one, Worthington has potential but hasn’t really stood out at this point when given playing time.

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