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The start of the season is just a few days away! It seems like only yesterday that I was stumbling out of my car at the practice field parking lot with no pants on. Actually, I think that was yesterday. Anyway, it should be an exciting season and I’m really looking forward to showing the league once again just how damn good I am. Dennis Dixon is our starter and he will lead us to the promise land while Ben is out. Sure, you might have some doubts, you might be thinking “Bruce, why are you crapping in my mouth and calling it a sundae with all this Dixon talk?” Maybe he’ll struggle, I don’t know, I’m not Houdini, I can’t predict the future. But I really think the kid is going to do fine. Why? Because I’ve devised an amazing gameplan around him, that’s why! For example, there will be a number of plays where every receiver on the field will run the same 10 yard button hook. I believe this will make it a lot easier on Dixon in his reads. And then there are a number of top secret plays I’ve devised with Dixon in mind. Of course I can’t really go into specifics. OK, I’ll talk about one. I call it “Don’t wake the baby”. In this play, Dixon will act like his leg is bothering him before the snap, as soon as he gets the ball he throws it immediately to his right to Antwaan Randel El, set up like a bubble screen. Randel El will then throw it immediately back to Dixon who will then pitch it left to Mendenhall who will take off running then suddenly act like his ankle is bothering him. Right before he is tackled he’ll throw it back to Dixon. At this point the defense should be so confused that there should be a huge hole in the middle of the field for Dixon to run up into. I’m thinking 40-50 yards, easily. I really had to fight hard to get this play put into the gameplan at the coaches meeting this week. It got pretty heated. Tomlin eventually just stared at me and walked out. I’m really excited to see this play in the game. Here we go Steelers, here we go! Until next week, Steeler fans, take care!

– Big Daddy

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