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– The Chiefs may turn out to be the feel-good story of the 2010 season. The Chiefs, a team most fans have probably forgotten are even in the NFL, have some young talent on the team and it showed on Monday night. Their defense may play spoiler this year in some games this season. Conversely, the Chargers may end the season with a winning record, but it’s pretty clear their chances of a Super Bowl are pretty limited with Norv Turner at head coach and a questionable defense.

– How do the Cowboys, with the supposed weapons they have on their team, only score 7 points against the Redskins? Why is Wade Phillips still a head coach?

– Texan RB Arian Foster had an amazing game against the Colts, rushing for 231 yards and an average of 7 yards per rush. Huge win for the Texans, and a potential concern for the Colts defense as they were gashed all day long in the run game.

– The Vikings lost another close game to the Saints. It could be argued that the Vikings looked like the better overall team in both games. What can’t be argued is Vikings head coach Brad Childress was outcoached in both games by Saints head coach Sean Payton. Coaching is huge obviously in today’s NFL, where a lot of teams are fairly evenly matched.

– The officiating, once again, was a big embarrassment in a couple games. The Lions were arguably ripped off in their loss to the Bears when WR Calvin Johnson, after clearly controlling the ball, taking what looked like 3 or 4 steps in the endzone, then falling down and having the ball come out after hitting the ground was ruled, after a booth review, to have not controlled the ball according to the rule book. Ridiculous. In the Jets-Ravens game, the officials obviously wanted to be co-stars of the game by throwing what seemed to be a flag on every other play. The Jets had 100 yards in penalties by halftime! What was worse was the officials basically gave the Ravens an unearned TD with two horrible calls, one being a “running into the kicker” penalty on a Ravens FG attempt. Later on the same drive on 3rd down the officials called defensive pass interference on rookie CB Kyle Wilson in the endzone. If what the refs called was indeed pass interference, then I guess the defense isn’t allowed to make any kind of contact (incidental or not) in pass defense without being called for pass interference anymore. These kinds of ridiculous calls along with the overly safe protection of QB’s is ruining the NFL. The penalty gave the Ravens a first and goal at the Jets goalline. A TD that would be the difference in a tough defensive game was scored two plays later.

– While scoring may have been down in Week 1, most QB’s had extremely high completion percentages. A trend that continues to grow with more rules favoring the passing game. Is this a good thing? Survey says, NO. When any and every QB, regardless of talent or actual performance, is posting 60-70% of their passes week after week that makes for a bland, one dimensional game.

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  1. Baumer
    September 15, 2010 at 5:04 am

    Nice post, I enjoyed your perspective. I am a long-time Bills fan, and I can say from experience that Wade Phillips is a horrendous coach. You nailed the reason the Cowboys are stinking it up, it is all about the coaching.

  2. September 15, 2010 at 5:49 am

    Thanks for the comments. I feel for you, Baumer, I know it hasn’t been easy in recent years to be a Bills fan. It amazes me that Wade Phillips is still a head coach in this league.

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