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Wow, what a game Steeler fans! It’s always great to get that first win in the first week. And the best part? We did it the Bruce Arians way. I can’t tell you how many times I got sick to my stomach watching Dennis run around in the pocket on passing plays in the preseason and in the Ravens game last year, picking up yards on the ground with his legs instead of with his arm. Sorry, that’s not how I roll, unless it’s a specially designed play that I specifically designed. In my offense you look downfield, you keep looking and if you look too long you get sacked. If someone is covered, you force that damn pigskin in there!! That’s the only way we’ll get that beautiful deep pass. Now look, I realize we only scored 9 in regulation, but did you see that 52 yard bomb to Wallace? That’s gotta be worth like 10 points in my book. When I looked at the stats from the game in the coaches meeting this week I almost crapped my pants when I saw Dixon’s completion percentage. With that kind of completion percentage I see absolutely no reason to change up the gameplan from last week. All systems ready to go! Dennis will only get better with repetition in the pocket. The kid has all the tools. Now onto something else – I think Tomlin’s been reading this blog because on gameday he found my “top secret plays” sheet and ripped it up right in front of me. I almost cried, but held it in because I’m a man’s man. I still managed to call a few trick plays that I managed to remember off that sheet but that was it. I’ll have to hide the “top secret plays” sheet better for this week’s game against the Titans. Now, I realize that I scared some fans when they saw me on the sidelines last Sunday, yes, I lost some weight. I’ve been on a strict diet of Jim Beam and Twizzler’s for the past few weeks, it’s done wonders for my health and weight. I recommend this diet to anyone looking to get into shape. Alright, Steeler fans, until next week (when the Steelers will hopefully be 2-0), have a good one!

– Big Daddy

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