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Another week and another win! With the way our defense is playing I might be able to take a nap next game! Haha. Actually, I was sort of dozing off in the 2nd half last week. I’ve been coaching so long that I’ve learned the art of getting a little shut eye while standing up, that’s why I’m always wearing sunglasses. Randy Fichtner, the WR coach, kinda nudged during the game and was like “Bruce, what are you doing? Batch is waiting for the next play!” “Hey, Fichtner, back off, I was only resting my eyes.” Man, sometimes it seems like the entire weight of this team is on my shoulders! Brucey boy is good but even I have my limitations. Who’s the opponent for this week? Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Oh great. It’s going to be hot again. I think I’m going to see if I can score a seat in the coaches booth high up in the stadium. It’ll probably be air conditioned and I can probably take a nap, too. Anyways, the Buccaneers, the last time I checked, had a pretty good QB by the name of Vinny Testaverde, you guys probably know who I’m talking about. He’s a good one, but his deep ball sucks, so no way would he ever make it on team Bruce. So Ben is still out (how long is he out for anyway?) but our offense should be able to move right along at the same nice pace it’s been at until Ben gets back. I seen no reason to change up the gameplan from what’s been working so well for us so far. Until next week (when we’ll hopefully be 3-0!) have a good weekend, Steeler fans!

– Big Daddy

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