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– The big news is Randy Moss has been traded back to his former team, the Vikings for a third round draft pick. Not a big surprise and probably a good move by both teams. The Vikings want a SB this year (they probably won’t get it) and think Moss will help and the Pats just wanted to get rid of Moss. Anyone that has watched Moss play in recent years has no doubt noticed that he likes to take plays off. If I were a Pats fan I’d probably find myself yelling a number of things at Moss at least a few times during a game. I’ve never seen a WR with the amount of talent that Moss possesses be so consistently lazy on the field. No doubt he can still be productive (his 2009 numbers are pretty good actually) but it’s interesting that the Pats haven’t won another Super Bowl since Moss joined the team.

– The Kansas City Chiefs are the only undefeated team left, who would’ve thought it? Good for them. They’re winning the old-school way, great run game (RB Jamal Charles is averaging 7 yards a carry!) and a solid, tough defense. Usually a surprise team that starts out to a good record has a good turnover ratio but interestingly, the Chiefs are only +1 in that category. That actually could be a good sign for this team. They’re winning without the benefit of an abundance of turnovers, which sometimes can mask how good a team really is.

– On the flip side the 49ers are a surprising 0-4. This team somehow finds a way to lose. Are they out of the playoffs already? I don’t think so. If I’m Mike Singletary I’m telling my team that they are only 2 games out of first place in a weak division with a lot of football left to play.

– The Cleveland Browns actually have a victory? When the hell did that happen?

– Maybe the Jets are for real? The team is 3-1 but probably should be 4-0, their only loss coming to the Ravens where the refs basically aided the Ravens to victory in the game. Mark Sanchez isn’t a great NFL QB (at least yet) but what’s shocking so far this year is he has a 105 QB rating mostly due to his ridiculous 8 TD’s to 0 INT’s stat! It always helps a QB in that department when you have a punishing run game to fall back on (the Jets are averaging 167 yards on the ground, 2nd best in the NFL). I’m still not convinced, though, that the Jets can make it the Super Bowl this year. Why? Because once a team gets into the playoffs every defense will sell out to stop a one-dimensional offense, which the Jets offense is. The passing game is ranked only 25th right now. If and when the Jets make the playoffs, Sanchez will be called on to contribute more. Can he do it? Again, I’m not convinced.

– Speaking of the Ravens, I’m not impressed. Yes, they beat the Steelers last Sunday, huge win for the Ravens. But their defense is clearly not as dominant as it once was and the offense is inconsistent and unimpressive with Joe Flacco at the helm. The Ravens could easily be 1-3 instead of 3-1, with close wins coming against the Jets, Steelers and Browns. The media continues to hype these guys, though, for unknown reasons.

– There really doesn’t seem to be any “super” teams in the NFL this year. Some teams (like the Jets, Pats, Saints, Packers, Vikings, Steelers) might start to break away from the rest of the league as the season progresses but so far all these teams have question marks that need to be answered.

– The Colts are 2-2 and their defense sure does suck. With a defense ranked 29th against the run, 24th in total yards allowed and 23rd in points allowed, the Colts have a steep hill to climb to get back to the Super Bowl. And oh yeah, the Colts run game sucks again, ranked 29th. Once again it’s the “Peyton Manning and mediocre defense show” in Indy.

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