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Hello Steeler fans! Sorry I didn’t blog last week, I was too busy putting together a great gameplan for the Ravens game. It always hurt to lose a game, we’ll just have to do a better job next time (I’m looking at you, Lebeau).  Anyway, as I type this ol’ Brucey is sipping on a cold one and laying poolside in Vegas. Had to get out of town to unwind on the bye week. It’s been a grueling first 4 games, but I think we did a pretty damn good job overall. Now it’s time to score with some chicks. Hopefully Ben is back for our next game, Tomlin tells me he will be, that is great news. Now I’m going to be honest here, last week against the Ravens I didn’t even know Batch was starting, I thought we had decided to go with Leftwich. I really have to start paying attention a little bit better in the coaches meetings. If Batch had actually hit on some of his passes we probably would’ve put up over 30 on the Ravens, maybe even 40. I laid out the perfect gameplan and Batch just threw it all away. Now I’m not going to put all the blame on Batch, there was plenty of blame to go around, Tomlin, the O-line, the waterboy for not keeping the team properly refreshed. From where I come from the waterboy is supposed to keep enough cups filled with Gatorade to keep the team hydrated. I didn’t see enough of that on Sunday. And then there’s Randy Fichtner. Hey, Fichtner, quit yammering away in my ear while I’m trying to call plays! I swear, he really ruined the rhythm I was trying to establish with the playcalling. “But, Bruce, we might want to try some shorter passes on this down. Bruce why are we calling an empty set?” Fichtner, last time I checked I’m the offensive coordinator so shut your pie hole! I think I’m going to have to wear earplugs for the next game. Until next time, Steeler fans, enjoy the bye week and weekend!

– Big Daddy

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