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Ben is coming back this week, Steeler fans! It’s time to party! I’ve actually been partying all week, now that this cool cat can sit back and take it a little bit easier. I cannot wait to see some beautiful deep balls that were largely missing in Ben’s absence. I also look forward to getting back to calling my “challenge plays” for Ben. I’ll probably take it easy on those plays since Ben is just getting back into the lineup. Oh, hell, what am I talking about? That’s not the Bruce Arians way! I’ll be calling whatever play is on that list, down and distance be damned and Ben, as always, will excel at carrying out the playcall. That’s what makes us such a great duo, the unpredictability, the gameplanning, the simple ingenuity of it all. Get ready for some fireworks this Sunday, Steeler fans, I’m thinking 50 on that scoreboard easily. Hell, 60 wouldn’t surprise me. 70 points and I might start to wonder if I’m the greatest ever. At that point, I’ll simply look at Fichtner and say “Yeah, I’m just that good, Fichtner.” Fichtner will probably cry like a little girl at that point and run to the locker room. Then when the game is over the team will probably carry me on their shoulders and parade me around the field sort of like what happened with Buddy Ryan and the Bears when they won the Super Bowl. I cannot wait. Until next week Steeler fans, have a great weekend!

– Big Daddy

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