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Steelers vs. Browns Week 6

The lowly Browns head into Pittsburgh in what should be one of the easiest games on the Steelers schedule. Can we please not make this game another squeaker? Not only have the Steelers won 12 out of the last 13 games against the Browns, but rookie Colt McCoy will be making his first ever start in the NFL on Sunday.

– The Browns chances of winning this game no doubt rests on their run game and hopes that Big Ben is rusty in his first start back from suspension. Browns RB Peyton Hillis is off to a very good start (76 carries for 350 yards, 4.6 yard average, 4 TD’s), and the Steelers will obviously be focused on stopping him. Colt McCoy will not be asked to do much as the Browns will obviously look to play a game of field position and hope their defense can make some big plays and create turnovers. Also, look for Joshua Cribbs to play the Wildcat on some downs. He had success last year against the Steelers running it. Cribbs could really be the X Factor on offense for the Browns.The Browns secondary actually isn’t that bad and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has actually had success against Ben. If the Browns defense can shut down or significantly frustrate Ben and the Steelers passing game then their chances of winning this game in the 4th quarter definitely goes up.

– On offense I get the feeling that Arians and Tomlin will play it a little conservative considering two things – The Browns run defense is ranked 23rd and Ben is making his first start of the season. If that’s approach then we might see a lot of third and longs for the Steeler offense. Mendenhall has been great this year but the Steelers, without a starting NFL QB and a one dimensional offense, have struggled to score points. The run game looks improved, but it’s not improved to the point that the Steelers can run it over and over again on early downs and sustain drives. I think a better approach would be to mix up the playcalling. But that is pretty much the case in every game with the Steelers offense.

– Once again, special teams could potentially be huge in this game. Joshua Cribbs has had a lot of success against the Steelers and obviously the return coverage will have to be at their best in this game. Hopefully this game doesn’t come down to FG’s, if so Jeff Reed will have to be better in that department than he’s been so far this year.

– The only way I see the Browns winning this game is if 2 or more of the following happens –

– The Browns run game is productive.

– Joshua Cribbs has a big return and/or has success running the Wildcat throughout the game.

– The Steelers have a number of turnovers.

– Colt McCoy actually doesn’t shit his pants.

– The Steelers offense struggles like it did last year in the 2nd game against the Browns last year.

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