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Steelers vs. Dolphins Week 7

The Steelers head down to Miami to take on a tough Dolphins team. Don’t be mistaken Steeler fans, this game will not be a cakewalk by any means. The Steelers had better not take the Dolphins lightly because that would be a mistake.

– The Dolphins offense isn’t an offensive powerhouse but it has been quietly effective and balanced this year. The Phins rank 13th in passing yards and 14th in rushing yards so far this season. However, they are only averaging about 17 points a game and are struggling to score TD’s (just 9 through 5 games). FA pick up Brandon Marshall has made an immediate impact and the Steelers will need to watch out for the deep ball, QB Chad Henne will probably throw deep to him at least a couple times in this game. The two-headed running attack of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams have combined for almost 550 yards and are averaging over 4 yards each. Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins have some success in the run game against the Steelers rush defense. Both backs are bigger players who tend to run straight ahead at the LOS, which is precisely the way you attack the Steelers defense if you want to run it. The Phins will continue to feed the ball to both players as the game goes on in all likelihood, which could eventually pay off. Chad Henne, while not flashy, is the perfect fit for a balanced and non-flashy Phins offense. Henne has been effective at the QB spot, and depending on how well he plays (and the Phins O-line protects him) could ultimately determine the success the Phins have on offense.

– Last week the Steelers offense, with Ben back at the helm, took the conservative route until the midway point of the 2nd half against the Browns. This approach yielded a 7-3 lead over the lowly Browns at home. It’s obvious that the Steelers, since the offseason, have focused on running the ball more effectively. The keyword is effectively, not MORE. With Ben out the Steelers have run the ball more, which is understandable, but now Ben is back in the saddle, the approach should be to mix things up on the early downs more effectively. Against the Dolphins defense, the Steelers will obviously be aware of LB Cameron Wake who leads the team in sacks with 6. If the Steelers offense, due to overly conservative and predictable run plays on early downs, continually faces 3rd and longs, Wake and the Phins formidable pass rushers become a bigger factor in the game. A way to combat that is, again, to mix things up on the early downs.

– Overall, this game could easily come down to the wire. I’m predicting another nail-biter for the Steeler Nation. The Phins will try to chew up clock with the run game and do some short passes which should be fairly effective against the Steelers 10 yard cushions. On defense they will try to slow the Steelers offense and look for the turnover that could by the difference maker. The Steelers will probably come out with some uneven offensive playcalling which will stall drives, etc. In the end I think the Steelers win a close one.

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