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Hello Steeler fans! Did you miss me because I sure missed you guys. OK, here’s the deal, you don’t mess with another man’s Playboy collection. You just don’t do it. Last week right before I’m about to post another great blog thing on here I notice that someone broke into my personal locker at the Steeler facilities and messed up my vintage collection of Playboys. I was so angry I broke my computer in a rampage. I had to go out and buy another one. I know who did it. It was my arch nemesis Fichtner. Hey, Fichtner, get your own damn collection, you no good for nothing mama’s boy! Anyway, let’s get down to business. We’re 5-1 and riding high, and I can’t help but think I’ve played a pretty big hand in that. Look at what I’ve had to deal with, Ben not playing, 2 QB’s who can barely throw a decent deep ball, Randy Fichtner trying to sabotage my gameplans with crazy stuff like “why don’t we try some shorter stuff in the passing game, Bruce?” and Tomlin giving me his weird looks all week when I try to explain some of my ideas. I tell ya Steeler fans, it ain’t easy being blessed with true talent. But that’s OK, a true genius usually isn’t appreciated in his own time, and so it goes with the story of Bruce Arians. I’ve come to accept that. This week we’re going down to the Big Easy where I intend to unleash a fury upon the unsuspecting Saints. Get ready for some fireworks. It could get ugly, I’m thinking 30-40 by halftime, as long as everyone executes the damn gameplan! That’s the key, it’s all about execution. Remember, Steeler fans, a perfect gameplan and perfect playcalling is only perfect with proper execution. Have a great weekend, we’ll see you on Halloween night!

– Big Daddy

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