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Monday Morning Hangover

– Yes, it’s become like beating a dead horse when it comes to criticizing Bruce Arians. But it needs to be repeated whenever it leads to a Steeler loss like last night. Ben in his third start had his worst game of the year, but the same could be said for Arians. It never ceases to amaze me how inflexible and seemingly blind Arians is during games in respect to his (non) adjustments and bull-headed playcalling. It really seems like it doesn’t matter what the opposing defense is doing or what adjustments they make during a game. The playcalling never changes. Yesterday was a perfect example of this. The Saints were blitzing and playing man coverage and Arians once again had no answer or adjustment. Off-tackle runs on 1st down, smoke screen on 2nd and 5 wides on 3rd down and long, etc. When the Steelers did throw it on early downs pretty much all WR’s were running long, time consuming routes. Rinse, repeat. The results – punt, punt maybe a FG. TD if we’re lucky. Then as the game goes on Ben is eventually allowed to run the no-huddle or up tempo offense and surprise, surprise a TD. It’s been said a million times, Arians needs to go and he probably will after this season, as rumors state he’s retiring after the year. Still, this season remains and fans should really start to get concerned with this offense.

– Is there any question after the last few games that Manny Sanders should start splitting more time with Antwan “fall down” Randel El? It seemed like literally every time the camera was on Randel El in yesterday’s game he was falling down. Same thing happened last week. On his catch that was originally ruled a TD in the 1st half (where Randel El fell down at the beginning of the play) he, for some reason, dives straight down towards the turf. If he had ran straight up, there’s a very, very good chance he scores a TD. That ended up being a HUGE play in the game. Sanders has produced everytime he’s been given a chance and is clearly a more dangerous and talented WR than Randel El at this point.

– Brees was 20/22 in the 2nd half and the Saints scored 17 points. The Steelers started to play soft zones. Coincidence?

– Instead of stupidly challenging the non-fumble on the Saints in the first half, Tomlin should’ve challenged Mendy’s first run on the Steelers 3 straight run plays at the GL. It looked like he may have scored.

– Speaking of Mendy, I’ve said a couple times but his soft running style is becoming a concern. He never seems to break tackles or carry piles. Now, Mendy is having a solid season statistically but there are areas where he really needs to improve like breaking tackles and hitting holes with more authority. I hate to say this because it’s a real insult to a RB but it seems like he doesn’t like contact.


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