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What you saw last week Steeler fans was just a little T.C.O.B. – Takin’ Care of Business. If Reed hadn’t been such a wiener and actually made his second field goal, we’d be looking at a cool 30 on the scoreboard. I’m just kidding about Reed, I love the guy, he’s so goofy. And yes it’s true that the players still need to execute a good bit of the plays better which is why I’ll be calling exactly the same plays next week. Practice and repetition makes perfect in Bruce’s book. So I was feeling pretty good after the offensive fireworks we saw on Monday night and actually went out for a couple cold ones with Fichtner. The guy isn’t so bad once you get past some of his crazy ideas (“Why don’t we try some pitch plays?” “Why don’t we try some 3 step drops when teams are blitzing us, Bruce?”). We got to talking about remote controlled helicopters and it turns out he has a whole collection of them! Here’s the cool thing – we might start a remote controlled helicopter club! Of course Fichtner said he wants to be president of the club. To hell with that! I told him “Fichtner, there’s only two of us in this club and I’ll be damned if you’re the president”. I won’t lie, it got pretty heated. We’re going to take a vote next week to decide who gets the gig. I think it’s safe to say I’m winning that one in a landslide. Until next week, Steeler fans, have a great weekend!

– Big Daddy

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