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Steelers-Patriots Recap Week 10

The Steelers are embarrassed on national TV, losing to the Pats at home, 39-26, in a game that was not really as close as the score (or final stats) would indicate. The Pats truly own the Steelers.

– Ben had another off night. Once again, Ben had a number of mis throws and times where he simply held onto the ball way too long. Why isn’t Ben being coached more to dump the ball off short or simply throw it away? Oh, that’s right, Bruce Arians is his offensive coordinator. To Ben’s credit, he also had a few dropped passes and WR’s running the wrong routes.

– Mendy had a couple nice runs, which accounted for most of his yards. Other than that, he was fairly ineffective. Too many stutter steps behind the LOS and once again, no broken tackles. In his defense, many of the run plays were snuffed out by the Pats defense before the ball was even snapped. Moore actually had a really solid night, contributing both with a few runs and a handful of catches. He did (like Mendy) miss some blocks in pass protection.

– A rough night by this group. Ward was knocked out early in the game. Wallace finished the game with nice numbers but some of that was in mop up duty when the game was pretty much over. He also dropped a very makeable TD in the endzone. Randel El was once again horrible, no surprise there as he stumbled and bumbled all over the field. His biggest gaffe of the night was a fairly easy grab in the endzone.  Manny Sanders showed off some real nice hands on a TD catch and a few other grabs. He did have a few missed hot routes, but that’s what happens when you barely see the field as a rookie.

– The injury-depleted O-line had a rough night. Why Legursky didn’t get any playing time is beyond me. Trai Essex had another horrible game. RT Jonathan Scott was abused all game. Pouncey was about the only bright spot in this sorry group of fatmen.

– The D-line did virtually nothing all game. No batted passes, virtually no pressure on Brady. If you’re going to let Brady sit back and take it easy how about putting an arm up to try to bat a fucking pass down? Brady only threw the ball about 100 times in this game. Unbelievable.

– The LB corps was pretty invisible as well. Timmons had another strong showing. Harrison had a quiet night by Harrison standards, although he did get some pressure on Brady in the 2nd half. Foote did virtually nothing and why he was out there at all is a head scratcher. Farrior was abused all over the field in pass coverage. Woodley had a couple decent pressures on Brady but aside from that did pretty much nothing.

– In the secondary, McFadden, Gay and Clark were all abused at times. Gay allowed a couple TD passes, although to be fair he had good coverage on at least one. Troy was once again MIA and Clark once again showed how useless the guy really is. McFadden continues to show off minimal coverage skills. Taylor had a fairly quiet night (seems like teams are throwing away from him) but was burned on a deep post pattern in the 2nd half.

– The ST’s were horrendous outside of Manny Sanders’ returns, which were, once again, great. Reed missed like a 26 yard FG. Wow. He also had a number of kickoffs only make it to around the 10 yard line. Sepulveda had a shitty game punting.

– Lebeau was abused up and down the field all game long by Belichick and the Pats offense. Too many 3 man rushes, too many wide open WR’s running underneath and out routes. Hardly any pressure. No exotic blitz packages. Too many soft cushions. It’s almost like Lebeau decided to just not watch any game film from last week when the Browns defense manhandled the Pats offense. Really poor showing.

– Arians had another craptastic gameplan. And when I say “gameplan” I mean another game of almost exclusively running the ball on 1st down, followed by a good bit of 5 wide empty sets on 2nd down. Hey, if it hasn’t worked yet why not keep trying it?? That must be Arian’s motto. What a sorry excuse for an NFL OC.

– Tomlin allows yet another game to go by where this Steelers team comes out in a totally sluggish, flat pace seemingly devoid of any sort of coherent gameplan. The coaching and preparation in this game was just awful by Tomlin and his coaching staff. It’s like the entire coaching staff decided not to watch game film this week.

– Overall, a real bad showing by the coaches and players. There is much to be concerned about going forward.

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