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Steelers-Raiders Recap Week 11

The Steelers completely manhandle and dominate the Raiders in route to an easy 35-3 victory. The score probably would’ve been 49-3 if not for some of the worst officiating ever seen in football.

– Ben had one of his strongest games of the year, finishing the game 18-29 for 275 yards and 3 TD’s. Helped by a better gameplan, Ben had a number of shorter passes that went for good chunks of yards. He also had a real nice TD pass to Sanders in the 1st half. Ben seemed to scan the field better than he has in past games and made a number of real nice decisions with the ball, spreading the ball around to 8 different players. He also scampered for a 16 yard TD and finished the game with 55 yards on the ground! He did have a couple gaffes, like holding onto the ball too long on one play that led to a sack and another late deep pass to an open Wallace that would’ve gone for a TD.

– Mendenhall probably had one of his worst games of the year. He finished the game with 59 yards on 23 carries, that is just a 2. 5 yard average against one of the worst run defenses in the league. In his defense, Mendy was playing behind a beat up O-line. Still, there were a number of plays where Mendy hesitated way too long to hit a hole. Mendy really needs to work on hitting holes quicker and with more authority. Moore contributed 3 grabs, one being a huge, clutch grab inside the redzone. Redman came in on mop up duty and contributed nicely.

– Wallace had another huge day, finishing the game with 3 grabs and 116 yards and 1 TD. He did have one easy drop but made a great grab in the 1st quarter and an awesome 52 yard TD grab in the 2nd half with a real nice run after catch where he split the Raiders secondary in route to the endzone. Ward and Miller both chipped in with 3 grabs. Sanders continues to impress mightily as a rookie WR. He made a great move off the LOS in route to a great TD catch in the 1st half. Antonio Brown, the other rookie WR, also made his presence felt on a great 21 yard grab.

– The beaten and battered O-line had a real tough game. I don’t know how many penalties these guys were called for but it actually could’ve been even worse. Still, the pass protection actually wasn’t that bad, although most of the time the O-line was facing just 4 pass rushers.  Jonathan Scott was continually abused but for the most part not too bad for a beatup O-line. Still, whatever is causing all these injuries needs to be addressed, I don’t see too many other teams getting this many of their O-linemen injured game after game.

– The D-line had another fairly quiet day. Ziggy Hood did have sort of a nice play in the 2nd half when he flushed Gradkowski out of the pocket. There was some decent pressure at times on the QB by these guys. They did their job against the run although the Raiders hardly even tried to run the ball after the 1st quarter.

– James Harrison had another MVP type game. He finished the game with 5 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble and a great INT that was deflected. He was also called for another completely bullshit roughing the QB penalty. If you love football how can’t you feel that he’s being completely targeted unfairly by the NFL at this point? Old man Farrior had another strong showing in run support and finished the game with another sack. Woodley was fairly quiet but did finish the game with another sack. Timmons had one of his more quieter games of the year, finishing with just 2 tackles and 2 assists. Rookie Jason Worilds got to play at the end of the game and got a sack as well.

– The secondary had a pretty good game. Ryan Clark was called for a completely bullshit penalty in the 1st half. Taylor forced a fumble on a nice play and had good tight coverage throughout the game. McFadden and Gay were both decent in coverage. Troy had a real strong game, finishing with 6 tackles and a real nice INT when the Raiders were driving at the end of the 3rd quarter.

– The ST’s were OK. Sanders and Brown both had nice returns, although Brown’s return down to the Raiders GL was called back on block in the back penalties. The new kicker looks like a carbon copy of Reed in the kickoff department, although he did have one kick that went into the endzone. Yes!

– Arians called one of his better games of the year. He did a good job of mixing up 1st down calls and actually threw in a few short passes to Miller and some other players that went for decent yardage. Of course more of these calls would be nice, but it’s a nice start. He once again called way too many trick plays when it wasn’t really necessary and most of those plays went for no yards. I did like how he had Ben spread the ball around and kept the offense in an aggressive, up tempo mode throughout the game. Still too many empty sets and shotguns but some things aren’t changing under Arians.

– Lebeau had his defense come out and play aggressively. There were a number of blitzes and the CB’s were allowed to play more press coverage. Why this type of defense wasn’t used against the Pats last week we’ll probably never know. But it’s good to see Lebeau adapting his defense to what offenses are now doing in the NFL in 2010.

– Tomlin allowed his team to once again come out flat and sluggish but luckily that changed as the game went on. Not to be overly negative, but the Raiders performance today was God awful, they truly looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL today, that probably helped things today for the Steelers. Still, Tomlin hopefully was the one that told his coordinators to be more aggressive today. If so, great move coach T.

– An impressive win against a clearly inferior opponent. It’ll be interesting to see if the Steelers stay aggressive going forward.

– I hate to bitch about the refs on these recaps, but I gotta do it again. The officiating in this game was just awful and embarrassing. A number of calls were simply horrendous and there were sequences of plays where flags were being thrown over and over again. The Steelers broke a new record for most penalty yards in a game today. Is this what Goodell wants the NFL to turn into? A game being overly legislated by incompetent, part-time refs? It’s a sad day when an otherwise great win is being overshadowed by horrible officiating. I mean, what’s next? It’s hard to even enjoy a game like this. Goodell needs to wake up or simply walk away. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

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