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Steelers-Panthers Recap Week 17

The Steelers coast to maybe the easiest win of the year, beating the Panthers, 27-3. This will be an abbreviated version as this game was pretty much a scrimmage/preseason game in terms of competitiveness from the opponent.

– Good game overall for Ben. A couple sloppy plays (like the fumbled snap) and he still held onto the ball a little too long at times but overall Ben looked real sharp.

– After last week’s impressive game against the Jets, Mendy was back to his backslide in performance as the season progresses. After Mendy’s initial 30+ yard run, Mendy averaged less than 2 yards a carry the rest of the night. The O-line didn’t help to be fair.

– A good night for the WR’s. Wallace made a great slant and go play going for a 40+ yard TD catch. He also made a great sideline catch later in the game. Sanders continues to impress once again. Ward had a couple drops but also nice grabs. It was great to see Miller back in the lineup and the Steelers actually threw the ball to him more than twice in the game! Gasp!

– Outside of Pouncey, the O-line was pretty piss poor and the offense moved the ball in spite of these guys for the most part. Scott was benched on the opening drive, Essex didn’t play much better. Adams had another 15 yard penalty (facemask) and played like shit in pass protection once again. It seems like all a defender has to do is fake a move to the inside and then simply run around to the outside of Adams to get to Ben. Adams is so damn slow, he makes Starks look nimble by comparison. Pass protection was bad across the board, run blocking wasn’t much better.

– The D-line didn’t look good on the Panthers opening drive, after that they improved. Kiesel had a good game. Hood actually recorded a sack.

– Harrison had another sack to add to his sack total for the year (11). Woodley had yet another very quiet night. Is it worth re-signing this guy to big bucks at this point? One big game out of every 4 or 5 games? Especially with the promising rookies on this team? Farrior lead the LB’s in tackles with 7 tackles and a sack. Farrior is still getting the job done as long as he’s not asked to make plays in space. Timmons had some good coverage here and there.

– Mundy is no Troy but he was OK last night and actually led the team in tackles as the Panthers pretty much gave up running the ball after the 1st quarter. Clark was OK as well. Taylor had another game of really good coverage. McFadden was injured midway through the game after making a great INT on a horrible Clausen pass, hopefully the injury isn’t serious.

– The ST’s continue it’s downward spiral and could seriously factor into an early postseason exit if things aren’t corrected. The horrible kickoff coverage continues, punts are bad, etc. Suisham also missed his first FG of the year.

– Lebeau has his team come out flat on the opening drive which almost resulted in points for the Panthers offense. After that things improved, but the Panthers do have one of the worst, if not THE worst offense in the NFL.

– Arians took off the handcuffs from Ben and the offense and allowed the no-huddle more often with, surprise surprise, good results. Taking Arians and an overly predictable running game out of the equation can only be a good thing. Still, Arians still showed signs of struggling inside the redzone as the Steelers got in there 6 times and only came away with 2 TD’s.

– Tomlin continues to be a concern. The ST’s are starting to look eerily similar to past seasons where shoddy play has cost the Steelers big games. What is Tomlin doing to correct these things? Not much from the looks of things. Having Ben run risky bootlegs with a broken nose AND foot with the playoffs looming is beyond stupid. Add to that, Ben was in the game for the entirety of the game which was a blowout. Why risk aggravating injuries to your best player? I did like that Tomlin was being aggressive with some 4th down calls but why not do this against a quality opponent instead of the lowly Panthers where your team is already up by 20 points? It’s like flexing your muscle to scare the weak, skinny kid but being afraid to do that in front of a stronger kid. Let’s hope Tomlin stays aggressive with some of these calls in the playoffs.

– It’s a win, which is always nice, but it’s hard to assess too much from this type of game where the opponent basically quit after the 1st quarter and is arguably the worst team in the NFL this year. If the Steelers can beat the Browns the much, much needed #2 seed will be theirs!

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  1. December 25, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Great post here. Thinking about the Panthers really made me realize the dire quarterback situation that exists in so many teams this year. It’s not just Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore in Carolina, but the problem is apparent in so many other franchises that it is just ridiculous. I’m not sure where all these team’s are going to find their quarterback because the draft is only going to give a few quarterbacks at best. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the off-season. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/dont-worry-carolina-you-are-not-alone/

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