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Steelers-Browns Recap, Week 18

The Steelers steamroll over the hapless Cleveland Steam–, I mean the Cleveland Browns, 41-9. With the win the Steelers get the #2 seed and a bye! This will be a shortened version of the recap due to weakness of opponent. Let’s be honest, it was basically a scrimmage game.

– The offense scored early and often against a Browns defense that mentally was already thinking offseason. Ben looked real sharp throughout. He did expose his body unnecessarily at times, though. Wallace had over a hundred yards again. The WR’s all looked good outside of Randel El, who shouldn’t be out on the field at this point with the two rookies, Sanders and Brown, playing great. Mendy had a couple short TD runs but otherwise had a poor game (under 3 yard average) and played fairly soft, which is becoming a recurring theme with him. On a sweep play near the 5 yard line of the Browns, Mendy is held up by a smaller CB for no gain. That’s not good. O-line played solid overall.

– What I really liked in this game from the offense is there were a high number of short, quick passing plays. That needs to continue into the playoffs. It works. It’s easy. It will result in long drives for this offense.

– The defense had a couple sloppy series early on (missed plays by the secondary) but had an overall good game against a poor offense. Ziggy Hood looked great on a spin move on the LOS that resulted in pressure and a sack on McCoy. Let’s hope that kind of play continues by Hood. The LB’s all played well. The secondary was fairly strong outside of some sloppy play here and there. Clark actually made a great catch on an INT but was burnt earlier on successive plays in the 1st half. Troy got another INT and looked good. Fortunately the game was a blowout and he sat in the 2nd half.

– All in all the win is all that matters in this game. It’s hard to really evaluate much else except for maybe some trends in gameplanning and playcalling. Overall, things are looking good headed into the playoffs. The million dollar questions that will be answered when the playoffs start are –

– Will this offense continue to put an emphasis on the short passing that we saw in the last few games?

– Will the secondary get the job done with more press coverage or will Lebeau revert back to big cushions?

– Will the ST’s coverage be a big problem?

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