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Why Trading Santonio Holmes Has Been Completely Overblown

It might be a little ironic that the Steelers face their former playmaking WR this Sunday for the right to go to the Super Bowl after trading the former Super Bowl MVP in a controversial move in the offseason. Members of the media were questioning the move. Steeler fans were (and many still are) outraged about the move. No doubt Santonio Holmes is a big time player that has stepped it up in the big games so far in his short career but the Steelers trading him away was not the big deal everyone has made it out to be and here are the reasons why –

1. Holmes was in the last year of his contract and had made it clear that he wanted to be in a larger market and wanted to be paid more than he thought the Steelers would offer. We can pretty much end this article right here but, what the hell, let’s go on.

2. He told a Steeler fan on his Twitter account to commit suicide. That’s the kind of player the Steelers organization wants on their team! (sarcasm).

3. He had a number of run ins with the law regarding marijuana. Personally, I don’t care if someone smokes the stuff but you have to be smarter about it since it is still illegal. Plus, he posted on his Twitter account that it was time to “Wake and Bake”. Again, this type of public behavior will get you a 1st class ticket out of Pittsburgh which is what inevitably happened.

4. The Steelers, at the time of the trade, had their hands full with the “Ben situation” and the media fallout from it. Some in the media argued the trade was racially motivated, which is quite frankly absurd. Part of the reasoning for the trade, besides Holmes being in the last year of his contract, was clearly a PR move. Dealing with both the Ben situation and the Holmes situation at the same time (and the clear distractions both situations brought) was clearly something the Steeler organization was not interested in doing. Some have said it came down to who the team should depart with. If that was the case, the Steelers clearly made the right move and to suggest otherwise is, again, completely absurd.

5. Holmes is not a dominating WR. Here’s something that no one wants to admit to. Is Holmes a good WR? Yes. Is he a great WR? Maybe. There’s no doubt he has shown the ability to step up in big situations which is, no doubt, a great asset that cannot be taught or coached, but the fact is Holmes is simply not a dominator or some kind of physical freak at the position. He does drop the ball at times, he does disappear for stretches of games, he doesn’t really put up amazing numbers at the position. With Steeler rookie WR’s Manny Sanders and Antonio Brown stepping up (just look at last week’s divisional playoff game) and showing some great potential this season it makes the Holmes trade all the more irrelevant. Plus, the Steelers have Mike Wallace. And the fact is in today’s NFL a team simply does not need a dominating WR, regardless. Given all that, why pay a huge amount of money on a new contract for a player that has the potential to continue to be a selfish distraction on the team? That’s simply not going to happen with the Steelers.

6. The Steelers went 12-4 this year without him.

Yes, the Steelers offense struggled a good bit this year, but that had hardly anything to do with Holmes not being with the team. That had more to do with the playcalling, a mediocre OC,  injuries and a failure to work in the rookie WR’s earlier in the season. The fact is the Steelers have three potentially good to great young WR’s on this team right now (four if you want to throw in Limas Sweed). The future is looking very bright for this offense without Holmes on the team.

A part me does miss seeing Holmes in a Steelers uniform and it was weird seeing pictures last week of him in a Jets uniform snagging a terrific TD grab in the endzone. But I won’t miss seeing him celebrate like a jackass after every grab the guy makes. The fact is life goes on and the Steelers organization has shown, above probably any other team, that players come and go but the results stay largely the same due to probably the best infrastructure of any organization in the NFL. Fans might still bitch and whine about Holmes not being with the team but it really makes no sense given the circumstances of the trade (He wanted out of Pittsburgh!). And the Steelers have shown this year that they are getting by just fine without #10 being on the team.

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