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Hey hey hey cool cats, look who is back!!!! OK, here’s the deal, Tomlin found out that I was posting my own blog thing and shut it down. I told him “Hey man, this blog is about the only thing I got going on besides my model helicopters, let me keep doing it!” Tomlin replied “Bruce, you are the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers!” I guess he has a point. But after weeks I’ve worn him down and he’s letting me do a special Super Bowl edition of my blog. It’s been a heck of ride so far, Steeler fans but we still got one more game to go and it’s a big boy. I gotta be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be back next season we gotta make this one count. I’ve also decided to give Fichtner a copy of the playbook for the game. When I say playbook, I mean the real playbook, before today I’ve always given him a dummy playbook, filled with drawings of Fichtner’s face and me punching it. I know I haven’t always said nice things about Fichtner on here but the guy has really grown on me and I consider him a buddy now. Plus I have a feeling that I’m going to have one hell of a hangover come Sunday morning. And if by chance I somehow find myself in Mexico (I’m looking at you Jack Daniels) with no pants on and can’t make it back in time for the game it’s good to know we have a backup plan. What else can I say? It’s been a hell of a ride so far. I know some think I’m not the best coach in the world, but I’ve always given 100% and that’s pretty much all you can ask. This cool cat will see you on the other side. Let’s go Steelers!!!!!

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