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Say It Ain’t So….

I was perusing the internets the other night when I stumbled across a rumor that Bruce Arians, the Steelers much criticized OC, was going to retire before Big Ben talked him out of it. This. This is why teams shouldn’t listen to certain players when it comes to personnel and coaching moves. I love Ben as a QB but it’s clear that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. This is just further proof of that and I find it a little disturbing (and maybe even a little cool at the same time) that an organization that is as well run as the Steelers is essentially letting players decide who stays and goes at certain coaching positions (IF this rumor is even true). It’s cool that a team would do that but not with a player like Ben. No thanks. I think Ben is overly comfortable where he’s at as a QB, and it’s clear that he needs to continue to progress and evolve, but by keeping Arians that stops any sort of real progress from happening. Ben may be a little lazy, probably relies too much on raw talent.

This rumor made me think of all the dumb (but talented) QB’s the Steelers have had over the years. Actually sort of amazing. It all started with the legend, Terry Bradshaw. Since his playing days Terry has more than proven to be a real knucklehead on Fox’s NFL Pregame show. But what an arm. About a decade or so later the Steelers were blessed with Bubby Brister. You know with a name like that you’re not getting a genius. Did you know he had his own candy bar? Then there was Neil O’Donnell. Ever hear the guy talk? Holy crap. After O’Donnell came Kordell Stewart. Stewart may or may not have been as dumb as some of the other QB’s on this list, but he sure did suck and it’s safe to say he wasn’t too bright, either. That leads us to Ben. Love his play, but between his support of a dumbass OC and his off field decision making and I think  it’s safe to say we have another in a long line of dumb but talented Steeler QB’s.

In other news, it looks like the brief saga of Limas Sweed is over. At least in Pittsburgh. Sweed was released today. Expected move by most, but still disappointing. I still believe Sweed was never given a legitimate chance to make it on this team (no playing time in preseason this year, hardly any playing time in real games). A few dropped passes in very brief appearances and that’s it for the kid. Watch him succeed on another team (if he’s picked up by someone else)….

Elsewhere, fresh from training camp reports (ALWAYS worth taking with a BIG grain of salt), Cameron Heyward is impressing people with his nasty attitude and brute strength. Let’s hope he turns out better than Ziggy Hood thus far. There’s some other news on some other rookies, but it really doesn’t matter since this is the Steelers we’re talking about and that means these youngsters have about a 1 in a million chance of contributing this year. The worst thing a fan can do is follow these training camp reports, it’ll just make you frustrated when the rookies don’t play, regardless of whether the “camp reports” were accurate or not.

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