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Preseason Game Two

Big change from last week as the Steelers actually show up to play in a meaningless game. Can the season start now? Fuck, two more of these games? The NFL regular season is getting bad enough, but preseason is pretty much the worst when it’s dragged out this much. Some quick thoughts.

– The O-line is showing some potential but it’ll be a work in progress and chances are this unit will still remain a weakness for the foreseeable future. Maybe OL coach Kugler can polish some turds.

– The offense looks virtually identical to previous years under Arians. It seems like every year promises are made about the offense going into the season (pony backfield, 5 wide, more spread, etc.). Don’t fall for it. Yeah, this is the preseason but there’s a very good chance not much is changing when the regular season starts with genius OC Bruce Arians at the helm. It hasn’t in previous years. Look for more Ben improvisation to keep drives alive, predictable run plays and absolutely no rhythm in the playcalling. And expect extreme frustration whenever the Steelers play a defense that plays tight man coverage. Is this a negative outlook? Maybe. Realistic? Absolutely.

– Ryan Clark had an interception. I guess that means he’ll be the starter for another 5 years. Great.

– What exactly was Troy doing on his interception return? Sometimes I gotta question the intelligence on this team.

– Antonio Brown looks like a keeper. I’m loving this kid.

– Just how bad is Troy Aikman and Joe Buck in the broadcasting booth? Aikman is starting to scare me a little bit. He laughs and chuckles at things that aren’t even funny and makes probably the most inane observations, which in the world of NFL broadcasters is really saying something. I think games would be a lot more interesting if the broadcasters were drunk.

– Dennis Dixon has a really weak arm. It looks like he’s trying to heave a rock whenever he throws the ball. If the Steelers ever have to rely on Dixon and his arm, this team is fucked.

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