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Preseason Game 4

Thankfully preseason is now officially over. Some thoughts on the Carolina game.

– Dixon looked OK on one series where he was dinking and dunking his way down the field with the offense. Other than that, he looked really, really bad. Dixon doesn’t fit an Arians vertical attack offense, his arm is simply too weak and if he ever had to play a real game I don’t think Arians is capable of gameplanning the offense around him (ie, dink and dunk). He hasn’t in the past and that’s because the guy is a moron.

– Youngster WR Wes Lyons had a great over the shoulder grab. PS perhaps.

– It was great seeing Manny Sanders on the field. He looked terrific, like he hadn’t missed any gametime.

– I wasn’t too impressed with LB’s Stevenson Sylvester or Jason Worilds in tonight’s game. Worilds did show amazing speed on his sack where no one blocked him and did have some other nice plays but overall I thought he just looked OK. Same goes for Sylvester. I was actually more impressed by the hustle of first year player Morty Ivy. He looked real solid.

– I’ve been pulling for the kid for some time but I think this may be the last we’ve seen of WR Tyler Grisham in a Steelers uniform. Grisham is no longer PS eligible. I think it might be a mistake especially if he’s cut in favor of keeping Arnaz Battle. Battle is an average WR and his impact on ST’s (the reason he is on the team) will be lessened considerably with the new kickoff rule.

– I thought C/G John Maleki looked good against fellow 2nd and 3rd stringers.

– Probably the most exciting thing I saw in tonight’s game was the CB’s, STEELER CB’s defending passes! I couldn’t believe it. Both rookie Cortez Allen and 2nd year player Donovan Warren looked really good on a number of plays. Allen had a great breakup of a deep pass that was intercepted by FS Will Allen. Cortez did drop a sure INT,  but that’s just keeping with the tradition of Steeler CB’s. Albeit it was limited action but hopefully the Steelers think twice about keeping both players on the active roster. Not much to lose and everything to gain.

– On the downside, Crezdon Butler was burned deep for a TD and rookie Curtis Brown got tooled real bad on a TD pass that should’ve been broken up or intercepted. Brown looked real lost on the play. Keenan Lewis also was fairly unimpressive as he constantly gave up cushions to the opposing WR’s.

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