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Cuts Are In…

Preseason is very odd from a fan perspective. What does it all mean? Every fan probably has some players they are pulling for since they were drafted to make the team and when preseason rolls around they watch in hopes of seeing those players succeed. The problem is preseason isn’t a very good indicator, necessarily, on how well a player is going to do in the NFL. Everything is distorted when trying to evaluate young players. Most guys trying to make the team don’t play entire preseason games, there are only 4 of them generally, the gameplanning is different compared to a regular season game, situations are different. Players are generally playing next to guys they won’t be playing next to if they do make the team. Opportunities to “make an impression” are very, very limited which makes the whole evaluation process extremely questionable. Which makes one why there is even a preseason to begin with. Why not just have training camp and scrimmages? I guess it’s all about the all mighty dollar. I mean, I seriously doubt most of the decisions on who makes the team are being based on very limited action over the course of 4 meaningless games vs. days and days of practice, workouts and scrimmages. I think most coaching staffs have already penciled in most of the players making the team based on need, early draft picks, returning players, practice etc. Preseason games are mostly for show, maybe fine tuning some things and for warming up the starters.

Given all that, here are some thoughts on the cuts the Steelers have made to make it down to mandatory 53 man roster.

Tony Hills, OT – What took you so long, Steelers? Seriously, from all accounts Hills has been bad from the get go. It’s a head scratcher that he remained on the team so long.

Crezdon Butler, CB – It’s too bad to see this kid be let go. The secondary is overloaded with players, though, so someone had to go and it sure wasn’t go to be a veteran CB. That is obviously not allowed on this Steelers team.

Tyler Grisham, WR – The writing was on the wall when the Steelers signed FA WR Jerricho Cotchery. Maybe Grisham not having very many catches in preseason also had something to do with it. It’s too bad, I think Grisham has the potential to be a really good short yardage type WR in the NFL.

Mortty Ivy, LB – The youngster showed great hustle in the preseason and put up impressive stats. Not good enough apparently.

As I already alluded to, I think the coaching staff  already pretty much knew who was making the team long before most of these cuts came in. With the Steelers, you better be a high draft pick, a FA signing or be extremely lucky if you’re going to make the team. And forget about actually playing on gameday. And while this statement might apply to most teams, it really applies to the Steelers.

I wonder if it’s considered a really bad thing to be cut from the Steelers as a DB. I wonder if other coaching staffs are looking through the waiver wire and saying “Hey, this Butler kid has some potential.” “Yeah, but coach, he was cut from the Steelers and he’s a CB!” “Oh, nevermind.” If Hank Poteat can find a team after being with the Steelers, I’m sure Butler will find one as well. Maybe he’ll find his way back on to the team at some point.

I just saw Quarantine 2. I didn’t even know they made a Quaratine 2, it must’ve been straight to DVD. Disappointing. It starts off OK but then turns into another fairly forgettable horror film. I can’t give it more than 2 out of 5 Roethlisbergers. If you haven’t seen the first movie, it’s worth checking out. But the movie it’s based on, the Spanish film, REC is better. But if you don’t like to read subtitles, or simply can’t read at all, then it’s probably not worth watching.

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