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Practice Squad and Other Thoughts

The Steelers announced their practice squad members. Overall, I like the players that were signed to it. The big surprise is WR Tyler Grisham, I was under the impression that he no longer was eligible for the PS, good to know I was wrong on that. I’m also a fan of keeping LB Mortty Ivy and C/G John Maleki. Hopefully at least one of these kids ends up contributing down the line at some point for the Steelers. I honestly think all three have the potential to do so.

– What is up with the new ugly college uniforms? Barf in a bag. I saw Georgia play last week and I thought I was watching the football scene from Starship Troopers. How anyone can think some of these new uniforms look good baffles the mind.

– Jeff Reed was apparently cut from the Seahawks. I guess they were afraid there could potentially be another Sheetz incident down the line. I guess I can’t blame them, but I’m pretty sure there are no Sheetz in the Seattle area.

– Ben wants to open up the offense against the Ravens this Sunday. He’s also wanted to open up the offense in pretty much every game since he’s been with the Steelers. Ain’t happenin’, sorry, Ben. The Steelers like to play it close…real close.

– Shark Night – What a movie. Just when you think Hollywood has reached rock bottom they manage to out do themselves with Shark Night (3D!). In the past this sort of movie would’ve been straight to video/DVD or made for TV on the Sci-Fi channel, but luckily for all movie goers that no longer is the case. Now you can spend around $20 and waste about 2 hours of your life watching this winner. Even if you get past the ridiculous premise of the film (which I’m assuming you’re supposed to), the movie is simply not entertaining. It stupid, really, really stupid but not in an entertaining way. “It’s a lake, a salt lake…that’s how”. Fun fact, Bull sharks can indeed swim in fresh water which is why I no longer swim in the Mississippi River. I can’t give this film more than half a Roethlisberger. That’s one half eaten Roethlisbergers out of 5.

Attack The Block – Forget about the craptastic Super 8, this is how you’re supposed to do an alien invasion film involving kids (or young teens). Set in London, a group of project kids/young teens have to face off against alien invaders from another planet. The premise is fairly ridiculous, but I’m assuming it’s supposed to be. The kids/teens in this movie are actually the opposite of the kids in Super 8 – They smoke pot (instead of saying “drugs are bad!”), are funny, are at least somewhat likable, etc. This whole movie is in fact sort of the opposite of Super 8 – Entertaining, somewhat original and funny, well written, not too many dumb cliches. Not sure if this will be playing in American theaters since it’s a UK film, but it’s worth checking out if you come across it. 3 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

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