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Watching the Saints/Packers game was somewhat entertaining, but the defenses for both teams seemed to be almost a non-factor, which quite frankly sucks. Welcome to the new NFL that Roger Goodell has in mind. We better get used to or find another sport to watch (which eventually I very well might). The problem with the NFL becoming an offensive showcase each game is the games themselves become the same thing over and over again, where is the fun in that? Sorry, but I’m not looking forward to games where whoever has the ball last has a shot at winning the game by running the spread offense. A game that will likely be something like 34-38 in the fourth quarter. Maybe that sounds great to some fans, but trust me, after watching this scenario play out week after week in multiple games, your opinion might change.

Everyone is on the Packers bandwagon, with crazy talk like at halftime of last night’s game concerning whether the Packers might break some records this year on offense. Wow, hyperbole at it’s best. The Packers do stand a good chance of making it back to the Super Bowl but I can’t shake the feeling that this offense relies a little too heavily on Aaron Rodgers and a “sling it all over the field” type of offense. I was actually more impressed by what I saw out of the Saints offense. They have three very solid RB’s to compliment Brees and the Saints passing game. The problem with the Packers offense is the repeated pinpoint type of passes that is required from Aaron Rodgers, that’s a lot of pressure on one player game after game and on paper it’s a very high risk type of offense. Can Rodgers keep this up for an entire season and into the playoffs again? Maybe, he’s a great QB, but a more balanced offense, or at least an offense that doesn’t rely on so many super accurate passes downfield, might give the Packers a better shot at making it back to the Super Bowl. We’ll find out, but keep in mind that the Patriots, as great as they are in the regular season, haven’t won a playoff game in 4 years and their offense has progressively become more and more finesse, requiring more pinpoint type passes from Tom Brady downfield each year.

Also, here’s a little secret – the Packers defense isn’t that great. Solid, at times really good, but that’s as far I’d good at this point. Brees had over 400 yards, 3 TD’s, 0 INT’s, on the road in Lambeau Field. Case closed.

Al Michaels looks pretty good for being 107. Seriously, great play by play guy.

Peyton Manning’s injury and recent surgery may doom the Colts season. Fine with me. I’ll be happy if the Colts don’t make the playoffs for once. It’ll be good to see another team from the AFC take their place (Texans, is it finally your year?).

I saw Wrecked starring Pee Wee Herman impersonator Adrian Brody the other night. Not bad, not really that good, either. I’ll give it 2 and a half roethlisbergers out of 5. The film is about a guy that is involved in a car crash in the woods and can’t remember exactly what happened. Cool plot but the story and script could’ve been better.

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