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Week 1 Steelers-Ravens Recap

The Steelers looked horrible in just about every phase of the game as they get their asses kicked by the Ravens 35-7 today.

QB – Ben had a really bad day. Missing a number of WR’s and showing some bad decision making at times. Ben somehow ended up with 280 yards passing, but it seemed more like 150. He also finished with 1 TD and 3 INT’s, which crippled the few drives the Steelers had going on in this game.

RB – The RB’s were pretty much a non-factor in this game as the Steelers were down early, Mendy and Redman both had a couple nice runs, although Mendy also had a horrible run on 2nd and 1 where he ran straight into a lineman resulting in a 2 yard loss. Of course the RB’s were never used in the passing game until it was all but over as Mewelde Moore had a couple nice receptions, although the 2nd one ended in another drive killing turnover.

WR/TE – The WR’s were mostly a non-factor due to predictable plays and a bad day by Ben. Mike Wallace did somehow end up with over 100 yards receiving but also had a bad drop on a 3rd down. On the Steelers first drive he also failed to fight for a ball on a button hook pattern, resulting in a punt. Sanders looked good when thrown to (which was just twice) and had the lone TD for the Steelers. Miller had a few grabs, Ward had 5 grabs and Antonio Brown had just 2 catches for only 14 yards and was barely involved in the offense.

OL – The O-line did a decent job overall. They were responsible, though, for the first turnover of the game as Ben was sacked and fumbled as a Raven stunted around the O-line untouched. Looks like Kemo screwed up on that play. Some of the pressure on Ben later was due to Ben waiting too long in the pocket, which is just part of his play.

DL – Totally ineffective in the pass rush and just downright bad against the run. Is age finally catching up with the Steelers D-line? Could be. The Steelers were GOUGED for over 170 yards on the ground with the Ravens averaging over 5 yards a carry. Ouch. Hampton did have a nice vintage play where he bullrushed past his man en route to a nice tackle for negative yards.

LB – This was one of the worst showings by a Steelers LB corps that I’ve seen in some time. Sloppy play, Woodley was a complete non-factor outside of his sack on Flacco. Harrison and Timmons both had some real nice plays but also were absent for long stretches of time. Farrior and Foote were both complete non-factors and makes one wonder why they were given so much playing time.

CB/S- McFadden was picked on early and often resulting in the Raven’s first TD. Taylor did a good job in pass coverage but had another stupid after the play personal misconduct penalty. The guy is dumb as dirt at times. Troy was largely taken out of the game due to good gameplanning by the Ravens. He still ended up with 6 tackles and 3 assists. Ryan Clark continues to show that he is a liability. On the Ravens first drive, Ray Rice blew right by Clark as if Clark wasn’t even there. As usual he was pretty much a non-factor in pass coverage.

ST – Horrible opening kickoff as the Steelers were not only offside but allowed a return from the back of the endzone all the way up to around the 30.

Lebeau – Has the game finally passed by the legend? Possibly. His defense looked lethargic and out of position all game. On a 3rd down in the first half Lebeau sent a blitz and somehow Ray Rice was left uncovered. The entire game the Steelers defense looked totally unprepared for what the Ravens were doing. Allowing 170 yards rushing is really concerning considering the secondary has been the weakspot for the Steelers defense. If that continues it opens up all kinds of problems obviously.

Arians – It’s good to see that Arians hasn’t lost his stupid and inept ways as OC. The game was like any other for the Steelers offense – Come out with a number of different plays that prevents any sort of rhythm or cohesion. A run in a 2 TE set, followed by a 5 wide, then go bunch, etc. Rinse, repeat, punt the ball. Identical to last year. There is no such thing as an “easy” pass under an Arians offense until the game is out of reach. All passes need to be outdated button hooks and deep outs, or plays that break down so Ben can make a play out of nothing. No easy dump offs to RB’s or TE’s or short timing patterns to WR’s. Some dumpoffs did occur when the game was pretty much out of reach today, and of course they were successful, but of course we don’t see those when the Steelers are trying to find some sort of rhythm when the game is still competitive. Nope, that would be too easy. Gotta make it difficult every time. When a team is down and your options are limited, TRY doing some easy passes. This offense relies way too much on Ben to make plays downfield. It’s insane.

Tomlin – Tomlin allowed the entire team to show up once again lethargic and seemingly unprepared. This has been a pattern under Tomlin, the difference today is the Ravens kept the foot on the pedal while the Steelers continued to sleepwalk through the game making mistake after mistake. The Steelers had 7 turnovers. SEVEN. That’s the most since 1995 for the Steelers in a game. On the very first play of the game, the opening kickoff, the Steelers were offsides while allowing 30+ yard return. That was just a sign of things to come in this game. Every facet of the Steelers game was mediocre today. That is ultimately a reflection of Tomlin. I know it’s considered blasphemy in Steeler fandom to consider that Tomlin isn’t a very good head coach but when you look objectively at how the Steelers win (and lose) games, it’s a definite concern. What does he bring to the table as a head coach? Who the hell really knows. Undisciplined players, unprepared teams, bad decision making during games. Hardly any in-game adjustments. And if you think I’m crazy, ask yourself this – How would Tomlin do as a head coach on a team with less talent and a worse FO than the Steelers?

Recap – I think the Steelers can only play better after this horrible showing today. The bad thing is the Steelers have shown that they refuse to make too many adjustments (either personnel or scheme-wise or really anything) and simply rely on pure talent and a stubborn “we do what we do” mindset. It’ll be very interesting to see the direction this team takes going forward.

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