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Boy, that wasn’t pretty. But we almost got the job done. If only Ben didn’t screw up so much we probably would’ve hung at least 40 on Baltimore. We were close and I believe we’ll get there this week as some team from Seattle comes to town. It’ll be great to be back in Pittsburgh. I think I know what Ben’s problem is. He got married. I told him not to but the dumb kid wouldn’t listen to me. I said “Ben, don’t do it, you’ll lose your edge, you’ll start thinking about what the wife will be making for dinner during the game.” He laughed at me like he always does but that’s exactly what happened. And who’s laughing now? It sure isn’t the offensive line, I’ll tell ya that! In the 3rd quarter of the game Ben walked over to me and said “Bruce, the wife is making fried chicken and homemade coleslaw for dinner tonight, I can’t wait!” I told him to stop distracting me from trying to run a damn offense but he wasn’t listening. I do have to admit, she does make pretty good coleslaw. I wonder what she’ll be making for dinner this Sunday? Hot dogs sounds pretty good to me. Maybe some cold beers. I can’t wait.

Steelers 55

Seattle 6

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