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Gilbert To Start At Right Tackle

With Willie Colon out for the rest of the season, 2nd round rookie Marcus Gilbert will get the nod at right tackle on Sunday. I like it, I like it a lot. Nothing much to lose and a lot to gain. Honestly, though, in the grand scheme of things I’m not sure how much of a difference it’ll make this year.

Some Other Thoughts

– As each season goes by, I find it more and more amazing that the Steelers have ANY success with the offensive system put into place by Bruce Arians. It really defies logic in some ways. Not any sort of consistent run game, not any sort of consistent playcalling by Arians, not any sort of real gameplan (it’s virtually identical week to week, regardless of opponent).  Arguably, a very stupid and outdated offensive philosophy. And yet Ben still manages to put up good numbers. Thank goodness he has a penchant for making plays out of nothing or I shudder to think just how bad this offense would be. Even so, this offense is never consistent, which is why we see so many late game heroics from Ben. Fans, including myself, love to see it when he and the offense succeeds but the fact that this happens on a regular basis should be concerning for everyone.

– I’ve noticed that a lot of folks are giving the Steelers secondary a good bit of blame for the loss on Sunday. It’s like an involuntary reaction and I definitely understand it. The secondary is a big concern obviously, but they actually weren’t a big reason the Steelers lost the game. Nope, can’t blame them this time. The Ravens ran up an astounding 170 yards on the ground and a lot of Flacco’s passes were actually to TE’s and RB’s (which isn’t a surprise really). What was sort of surprising is how bad the Steelers LB’s looked in pass coverage. I say sort of, because the LB’s didn’t look particularly good last season in pass coverage outside of Lawrence Timmons. I’ll say it again, the Steelers having Farrior out in pass coverage is just a big mistake at this stage in this career.

– Speaking of Timmons, I’d like to see him given the opportunity to blitz the QB more. It seems like he hardly ever goes after the QB and he has some of the best speed of any LB in the NFL. Makes no sense. Let’s not forget that he was the guy that made Kurt Warner shit his pants at the goal line in the Super Bowl a few years back, which resulted in him throwing the ball right to Harrison. The key with Lebeau’s pass defense schemes is pressuring the QB which hardly happened at all last Sunday. Now I’m sure Lebeau is holding back on some exotic looks, etc. but there are so many different ways he could be attacking the QB with Timmons, Woodley, Harrison and I’m not seeing much creativity from the legend. On one play last Sunday he sent Ryan Clark up the middle on a blitz. Barf in a bag. Of course he was stonewalled on the play. Those are the kinds of blitzes I don’t ever want to see again. On those kinds of plays you sit there helpless as a fan, knowing something bad is about to happen.

– Who else looked on in horror as the Steelers offense came out in the 2nd half  against the Ravens and looked like a team that had never played a down together before? That first play which resulted in a fumble was just mind boggling, from the play selection to execution.

Around The NFL

– It never ceases to amaze me how reactionary and stupid the media is that covers the NFL. Some of the stuff coming out of NFL “EXPERTS” and writers this week is just ridiculous. Apparently, after Week 1 the Redskins are Super Bowl contenders, the Packers offense will shatter all kinds of records, the Steelers can safely be written off because the team is now the oldest and slowest in NFL history and Cam Newton is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Just once I’d like to hear someone say “Yeah, they won but I still think they’re not that good and here’s why….” But I guess it doesn’t work that way. Have to hype up all the teams that win to maximum levels until the next week when they lose and then everyone can forget about them.

– Who’s a bigger douchebag, Peter King or Mike Florio? Tough call.

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