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Week 2 Steelers-Seahawks Recap

The Steelers pound down the hapless Seahawks. The game was never really close as the Seahawks looked like they were playing a scrimmage game throughout.

QB- Ben had a solid but erratic game. Throughout the game, a number of his passes sailed high and he often threw off the back of his foot, never really stepping into throws. Maybe he doesn’t trust the O-line. In the first half, Ben almost threw an INT on a short pass to Mendenhall, which was behind him. Later, he overthrew a wide open Heath Miller down the field off of a nice PA rollout. He was moving to his right but still no excuse. Later in the 1st half, Ben threw the ball right to Seahawk LB Aaron Curry which probably would’ve been returned for a TD, but he dropped the ball. The play sucked as every WR was running a simple streak pattern straight downfield, but Ben has to be aware of the defense. In the 2nd half, Ben got into the zone on what was probably the best drive by the Steelers offense so far this year, playing throw and catch downfield against the hapless Seahawk defense. Overall, Ben finished with great numbers (22-30, 298 yards, 1 TD) but there is much to improve upon when the Steelers play a real NFL team.

RB – Mendenhall had a couple nice runs where he bounced to the outside. Why the Steelers continue to run Mendy up the middle is beyond me. He doesn’t have very good vision for a RB and struggles with contact, which was very apparent on the 4th and goal play on the 1st series of the game where Mendy was stopped by a FS. Earl Thomas is awesome but he’s still a FS. Mendy also caught a couple short passes where he should be given more looks. An overall decent game for Mendenhall. Redman actually looked more impressive in the run game than Mendy, hitting the holes without hesitation unlike Mendy, breaking tackles and running straight ahead.

WR/TE – The WR’s had their way with the Seahawk secondary in this game. Wallace led the way with 8 grabs for 126 yards and a TD. His most impressive grab being a great snag on a ball that was inches away from hitting the ground way downfield. Sanders, Brown and Ward all had some real nice grabs and runs after the catch. Miller only had 1 grab but he was wide open on a couple plays where Ben simply overthrew him. The RB’s combined for 4 grabs for 27 yards. That number should be the minimum this group gets per game. Defenses playing the Steelers often overlook the RB’s out of the backfield. Steelers need to take advantage of that.

OL – The O-line played a really decent game overall. Gilbert was solid in his first start although he did miss an outside blitzing DB at the GL on the first drive of the game. Although, honestly, it seemed like a pretty retarded blocking assignment for an OT. Legursky was solid in pass protection but missed a block on the 4th down and goal play where Mendenhall was stopped. Later, he stupidly blocked a Seahawk in the back and was flagged. He needs to work on his run blocking. Pouncey had another good game. Foster, filling in for an injured Kemo, had a nice pull and block that was key on Redman’s 20 yard TD run. Scott, at LT, was by far the worst O-lineman of the day. He was called for a holding penalty but there could’ve been about 10 called on him. His blocking was suspect throughout the game.

DL – D-line was solid. Hard to really gauge them as the Seahawks offense didn’t even show up for the game. Hampton got good penetration at times.

LB – Timmons led the way as usual in the tackling department, racking up a total of 8 tackles. Harrison looked much better than he did last week, racking 4 tackles and a sack and getting double teamed at times. Woodley had some good run support at times. Foote and Farrior got their customary untouched “freebie” sacks.

CB/S – The secondary really wasn’t tested much at all today as Seahawk QB Jackson was content to keep his passes in the 5 yard past the LOS range. Gay was picked on more than Taylor, of course, but had a really solid game overall, better than most fans of course will give him credit for. He did miss a couple tackles but was pretty good in pass coverage. Taylor was quiet most of the day as he wasn’t targeted that much. Clark had a couple nice tackles. Troy almost had a pick 6 but dropped the ball, great play and awareness that not many players have regardless. Troy really looked like he was back to his old self in today’s game. All over the field.

ST – Suisham missed a 44 yard FG, made a shorter one earlier in the game. Not convinced that Suisham is the answer at kicker for the Steelers. Brown and Sander both foolishly field punts inside the 10 yard line. Brown somehow made it all the way back  to mid field on an incredible return. Still not a smart decision. Sanders wasn’t as fortunate as he was stopped at about the 10 yard line after fielding the ball at the 2 yard line (??!!).

Arians – Even the fat fuck Tony Siragusa noted that the Steelers offense didn’t seem to have much rhythm or pace. Siragusa, welcome to the Steelers offense, there’s hardly any rhythm or pace! And today was no different. Yes, the Steelers scored 24 points at home against the Seahawks. But the playcalling was the same shit as usual, helter skelter and all over the place. The difference today was players making plays and the Seahawks not showing up for the game. Seriously, did anyone see the cushions the Seahawks continually gave up to the Steelers? The Seahawks played this game like it was a scrimmage. To be fair, there were some nice plays like the PA rollout call in the 1st half. And in the 2nd half there was a glimmer, a GLIMMER of hope as the Steelers, on one drive, played in an up tempo offense where one play complimented the next en route to a TD. Of course this happened after the game was pretty much out of reach for the Seahawks.

Lebeau – Lebeau actually called a fairly vanilla game today. Which, in retrospect, was a really smart move. Why show more than you have to? The Seahawks offense only crossed the 50 once in the whole game. They are that bad.

Tomlin – On the opening drive the Steelers offense called a timeout, later in the drive Tomlin proceeded to throw a challenge flag on Mendenhall’s 4th down run and stop. He clearly did not get into the endzone. Two timeouts wasted on the very first drive of the game against what is probably one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. Is Tomlin ever going to get better at challenges? The team seemed prepared to go but who really knows as the Seahawks clearly did not show up for the game. Another head scratching move by Tomlin is keeping Ben in the game until the very last play. What is the reasoning for this? Earlier in the game Ben took a hit below the knees that potentially could’ve been disastrous.

Overall, it’s great to get the win and to be able to just sit back and not worry about a 4th quarter collapse. But at the same time it’s pretty much impossible to gauge much after this game. The Seahawks looked beyond horrible and didn’t even seem interested in playing today. Next week should be another fairly easy game against the Manning-less Colts and then things get a little more interesting with Houston the following week.

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