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Around The NFL Week 3

Did the officials have money riding on the Broncos in the Denver-Tennessee game? Just horrible, one-sided officiating. It seemed like every positive play the Titans had in the 1st half was strangely called back for a phantom holding call or some other sort of BS. On one play, the Broncos had about a 30 yard punt return up to around mid-field, the problem? There was CLEARLY a block in the back right in front of the returner! No call. On a 3rd down for the Broncos, a flag came in about 4 or 5 seconds into the play. The call? Defensive offsides! How is it possible to throw a flag that late on that kind of call? Later in the half the officials ruled an incompletion on a pass to former Steeler WR Nate Washington. The Titans challenged the play, since it was OBVIOUS that the ball never touched the ground, just not possible given the dimensions of a football, even with Washington’s arm blocking the view of part of the ball. Of course the call was upheld and the Titans had to punt, but the snap was bobbled by the punter and the punter ran for a first down. It was like a “fuck you” to incompetent officiating everywhere. The Titans ended up winning the game even though they had 11 penalites, half of which were bullshit, and the Broncos just 1!

John Fox is the head coach of the Broncos? When the hell did that happen?

Nate Washington looks like he’s gained some muscle since his Steeler days. He looked really good today, more physical than he was in Pittsburgh.

There was also horrible officiating in the Patriots game, shocker! And of course most of the bad calls were against the Pat’s opponent, which happened to be the Bills. Just more bullshit PI penalites, hitting defenseless WR’s, roughing the passer, etc. The typical calls that are ruining the game and which will in all likelihood make me stop watching the NFL pretty soon. Even with the deck stacked against them, the Bills played a hell of a game and beat the Pats. Ryan Fitzpatrick looks to be a much better QB than most ever thought he’d be. And the Pat’s defense still looks pretty bad. This game showed just how much the Patriots rely on Brady. Suck it, Goodell. I couldn’t believe the stat they showed on TV, the Bills haven’t beaten the Pats since 2003! 15 consecutive games. Wow.

In the battle of the two most overrated QB’s of the past decade, Eli “Slowball” Manning and Michael “Mr. Inaccurate” Vick, the officiating was also pretty mediocre. Eli finished with 4 TD’s but looked unimpressive as ever and Vick was injured or just gave up in the 2nd half, not sure which. Vick looked mediocre throughout the game, showing his typical inaccuracy and was lucky to not have 3 INT’s by halftime, instead the stat sheet will show just one. The Eagles ain’t looking so pretty as a Super Bowl contender now at 1-2.

Speaking of Vick, after the game he was whining about not getting late hit calls. Vick might have a legitimate gripe, but to whine about this after a game looks like sour grapes. I think less late hits should be called, period, because most of the time in today’s NFL they aren’t late hits or roughing the passer hits.

How about the 3-0 Detroit Lions? Stafford and that offense is looking pretty good through the air. Stafford had great numbers, although their run game was non-existent, but maybe that’s not an issue anymore in today’s pass happy NFL. It’ll be interesting to see the Lions-Packers games this year. I’m not sure the Lions are ready to take the division yet, but we’ll see. I wonder if McNabb will just retire halfway through the season, that would be funny. The Vikings are looking bad at 0-3.

Woah, woah, woah. Joey Porter is still playing in the NFL? AND Clark Haggans? It’s true, the Cardinals are a repository for cast off Steelers. The Seahawks get their first win over the Cardinals, but I still think they may be the worst team in the NFL. The good news for the Hawks is they play in what may be the worst division in the history of the NFL this year.

The Atlanta Falcons are one of the most overrated teams in the NFL this year. Don’t be surprised if they don’t make the playoffs this year. Same goes for the Buccaneers, who get the win over the Falcons today. Neither team is very good.

Good luck figuring out the Chargers. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Raiders win that division this year, who beat the Jets today. The Chargers have a horrible head coach (Norv Turner) and a bunch of holes all over their team.

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