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What happened to Chile’s baby back ribs? They still sell those? I couldn’t get those ribs out of my head during the game last Sunday, a game that we won fairly handily, by the way. If I could, I’d eat those delicious ribs everyday. They are so good. As soon as we were up by 10 I was on my phone/computer machine looking for the number of a local Chiles in the area. I kept looking and looking and before I knew it, it was halftime. Now I’m starving at this point and can’t find any results on the google thing. Fichtner tells me something about the gameplan with that weird constipated look he gets sometimes, I shrug him off and tell him “Fich, we scored 10 in the 1st quarter! What the heck are you so worried about it?” He says something else but my mind is already back on those baby back ribs. I HAVE to find a damn chile’s!!  At some point in the 3rd quarter I realize that I’ve been spelling Chile’s wrong, I was typing in “Chi-Chi’s”, but then I realized they’re pretty damn good too, which was probably why I was typing them out on the phone machine in the first place. But they aren’t around anymore so I just picked up a couple Big Mac’s with Peyton after the game. Oh well but I still have to get my hands on those baby back ribs. Can’t wait for the game this Sunday!

Steelers 48

Oilers 3

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