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A look ahead to the Texans game.

I just took a quick look around the internet to see who the “experts” are picking this week and not too surprising, the overhwhelming majority are taking the Texans. The only person I found that is actually taking the Steelers is Steeler-hater Tom Jackson. Not sure if that’s a bad sign or a good omen for Sunday.

I’ll say it again, the O-line didn’t play THAT bad last week. It is right now a revolving door of mediocre or inexperienced players that are being asked to do more than they are capable of. Let’s hope that changes at least a little bit this week against the Texans. The play of the O-line probably won’t improve much if the Steelers come out with the same kind of gameplan that was seen against the Colts. Here is what I believe needs to be seen if the Steelers offense is going to be consistent on Sunday.

– More dump offs and quick strikes to Mendenhall and Miller. A couple screen plays would be nice too.

– Get Moore involved more in the game earlier. Same goes for Redman. especially if Mendenhall continues to run like a big wuss.

– Use quicker run plays, NO more slow-developing run plays that requires the O-line to hold their blocks longer than they are capable of.

– Get Brown and Sanders involved more in the game with short to intermediate passes.

– Get creative with the plays (see the Moore pick and catch on the final drive of the Colts game).

– If the Steelers insist on the usual long developing pass plays Mario Williams better be double teamed or at least chipped a good bit.

– Ben has to be smarter with some of his decision making.

On defense, the attention will probably be on TE Owen Daniels and superstar WR Andre Johnson. Ike Taylor will be matched up probably the whole game on Johnson and I think he’ll do a decent job of covering him. The biggest concern is the Steelers run defense against a Texans run offense that currently ranks 5th in the NFL. This will be key in this game. If the Steelers run defense continues to struggle against the run that will open up a ton of problems that I’m not sure the Steelers will be able to overcome. Get Hood, Heyward and MClendon involved early and often. Kiesel is out and Aaron Smith has largely been ineffective so far. These youngsters need to step it up, same goes for Lamar Woodley. Lawrence Timmons and Willie Gay need to do a good job in pass coverage. Hopefully the rookie CB’s will get some playing time.

Other Steeler thoughts

– I think I’d rather have a consistently good LB that does everything pretty well than one that ends the season with 10-15 sacks but is largely invisible most of the time. I’m not saying I don’t like Woodley or don’t want him on this team but I have to question whether dishing out the kind of money the Steelers have on him is really worth it. At this point, I don’t think it has been worth it. So far this season Woodley has largely been invisible, no real impact plays, I mean, where was he last week? This isn’t a new trend, either.

– Think about how slow the Steelers defense is down the middle – Larry Foote, James Farrior, Ryan Clark. I know these players don’t exclusively play the middle all the time in pass coverage, but the fact that they do at all is pretty scary. I like Clark but I will rejoice the day the Steelers name a new FS starter, as long as that starter isn’t Ryan Mundy, although I get this really bad feeling that he will be Clark’s successor. That’s how the Steelers defense works. If you make it on the team and hang around on the roster eventually you will get a starting job (ie, Larry Foote).

– Fans like to slam Mewelde Moore and I honestly don’t know why. The guy shows up in big situations waaayyyyy more than Mendenhall ever has. Just look at Moore’s play in the last drive of the game last week. Great vet who knows how to step it up. Getting this guy may be one of the best things Tomlin has contributed as head coach.

– Rookie TE Wesyle Saunders had a bad drop (or two?) last week but I think he could actually be a decent recieving TE for the Steelers. I did find it bizarre that he was thrown from out of nowhere into the game last week. He seems to be fairly athletic which is good. Let’s see if he gets more opportunities this year to produce.

– Has anyone seen the commercials for The Thing remake? It looks EXACTLY like the great John Carpenter version. What’s the point, Hollywood, what’s the fucking point? Just go out and watch the 1982 version. It’s the best Kurt Russell film you’ll ever see, followed closely by Big Trouble In Little China, sorry Snake.

– I finally got around to watching Hannah, and was pleasantly surprised. Decent script, good pacing and some memorable characters. Recently these kinds of movies have been dull and filled with all kinds of stupid cliches but this movie was a step above that. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

– I saw the Hollywood/”Indie” movie Terri, which was weird but not really in a good way. It’s about an alienated giant kid in high school who just doesn’t seem to give a shit about much of anything. In other words, he’ll probably be playing OT for the Steelers in a few years. Terri turns out be an OK kid but the movie was fairly boring outside of the scenes with John C. Reilly as the principal. He was pretty funny. I can’t give it more than 2 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

– Another Hollywood/”Indie” film called Win Win that I saw recently was just a big disappointment. Even Paul Giamatti couldn’t save this stinker. It’s about a struggling lawyer who is also the local high school wrestling coach who meets a troubled kid who happens to be great at wrestling. I don’t know, the whole movie was boring. The story and script was boring, the dialogue was boring, the characters sucked, the direction was boring. What’s weird is critics loved this movie, I really have no idea why, I guess because it’s different than anything else in theaters right now and is “indie”? That doesn’t make it a good movie, sorry. 1 and a half out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

Horrible Bosses was a big pile of crap. Talk about a wasted opportunity. Great premise but the story and situations were so unrealistic that it took any sort of “Yeah I can identify with that!” right out the window. Who in the history of mankind has ever had a boss as hot as Jennifer Aniston sexually harassing them at work? Sorry, that’s not funny that’s just a wasted opportunity. The rest of the movie wasn’t very funny and the overall script was just lame and unbelievable (was that the point?). 1 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

– I’m not sure what the point of Drive was. The commercials were completely misleading. A stupid and contrived love story, bad pacing, bad characterization, fairly cliched story. Does any screenwriter sit down and say “I’m going to write a movie about a weird Hollywood stunt driver who is also a getaway driver and I’m going to throw in a really stupid love story just for kicks”? You just know the Hollywood execs had their hands all over this script. This movie could’ve been so much better. There were some pretty cool chase scenes and Albert Brooks was kinda creepy in this so I’ll give it 2 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.

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