Much has been made about the abrupt decline of the Steelers run defense and for good reason – it’s been downright awful this year. But in today’s NFL you need to have an offense than can average over 20 points a game to be relevant. The Steelers offense is averaging just 14 points a game through 4 games this year. And outside of the Ravens, it’s not like the Steelers have been playing against great defenses.

The defense is being criticized more and more, which is understandable, it’s a big concern, but the fact is the Steelers defense is allowing an average of 18 points a game, currently 5th best in the NFL, the Steelers offense, meanwhile, with their average of 14 points a game is 4th WORST in the NFL. With the talent on this offense, that is simply inexcusable. To put it into perspective, this offense is scoring less, on average, than the Manning-less Colts! In today’s NFL you simply cannot get by on 14 points a game, way too hard, even with a great defense.

Serious changes obviously need to be made. Coaches need to start doing their job instead of just coasting along, oblivious or simply unwilling to address the obvious problems with this team. The O-line is the convenient scapegoat in all this, but part of their bad play is literally the direct result of predictable playcalling, bad QB play and bad gameplanning. For serious changes to be made the coaches and Ben need to look at themselves. The O-line is what it is this year, not much is going to change in this area of the team, outside of the possibility of the O-line simply “gelling” as the season moves along. The gameplanning, the QB play, the gameday preparation all need to improve drastically for this offense to get back on track. Doubtful it happens, but this is the only way the offense will actually improve, it won’t be by holding out hope each week that the O-line somehow drastically improves, while Ben continues to sit back in the pocket for eternity, waiting for the homerun ball.

It’d be nice if the head coach of this team actually showed some balls and started to hold coaches and players accountable for what amounts to bad and predictable gameplans, questionable personnel moves and half-assed individual performances. He can start with himself and move down the line. Right now, he’s simply Mr. Do-Nothing, just like he’s always been. Fire someone, get mad, change SOMETHING in the team, the gameplanning, practice, etc. When is Tomlin going to actually do something pro-active for a change?

Around The NFL

– The NFL continues to head downhill. Numerous dumb penalties that are killing the competitive nature of the sport are occurring in numerous games every Sunday, the days of fielding a super team are quickly becoming a thing of the past (if they aren’t already) and mediocrity seems like it’s here to stay. Defenses are quickly becoming nothing more than a speed bump for offenses. Want proof? Cam Newton has about three 400 yard passing games so far! You have got to be kidding me. Just a joke. But maybe that’s what most (casual) fans want and the NFL has it right – More teams have a shot at fielding a winning team every year, even if it’s at the expense of legitimately great teams and defenses. Personally, I am quickly losing interest.

– The Falcons barely beat the Seahawks in Seattle after having a big lead for a good part of the game. Like I said, Falcons are not a very good team, especially their defense which made Seahawks QB Tavaris Jackson look like a good NFL QB.

– Baltimore is a better coached team than the Steelers. There, I said it, and it’s true. Harbaugh may be a douchebag but at least he is a legitimate head coach.

– The Cowboys and Romo continue their choking ways as they lose to the Lions after leading by like 21 or something. No surprise there, unless you listen to the dummies on Fox, CBS and ESPN. It’s like these guys continually forget about Romo’s choking ways after every Cowboys victory. The guy choked like 3 weeks ago against the Jets, he choked yesterday by throwing 3 INT’s in the 2nd half! And he’ll choke numerous more times later this year! The guy is simply a loser, some players have the killer instinct and nerves of steel, others don’t.

– I’m going to say it right now – NO way do the Eagles, Jets, Ravens or Cowboys ever win the Super Bowl with their current starting QB’s. Vick is simply not good enough to get through the gauntlet that is playoff football, same goes for Sanchez, Flacco and Romo. QB play is arguably more important than ever in the NFL and I find it extremely hard to believe that any one of those teams with their current QB can make it all the way to the Super Bowl. In the playoffs, the QB’s will be called on repeatedly to make clutch plays and these guys just don’t have it.

– Speaking of the Eagles, what happened to their supposed great defense??? Alex Smith (yes, ALEX SMITH) had incredible numbers yesterday and the Eagles run defense is horrible. Forget about this team making the Super Bowl, I doubt they make the playoffs at this point.

– I think Tennessee is one of the real big surprises this year. They have looked shockingly really good. Maybe even more surprising is how well Matt Hasselback is playing, which is probably better than he’s ever played and the guy is like 38 and was never that good to begin with! Tennessee went into the Cleveland and spanked the then 2-1 Browns, 31-13.

– Packers look like pretty dangerous right now. It’s still early but they look like the obvious favorite to repeat as NFC Champs. Who is going to stop them in the NFC? Giants? No. Eagles? No. Falcons? No. Lions? Still too inexperienced, IMO. I think the only team that can do it will be the Saints.

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