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Rough Sunday. That’s the last time I eat 8 racks of baby back ribs before a game. It’s good going down until about the 5th or 6th rack and then my brain is saying “Brucey, no more, no more!” But I couldn’t stop myself, they’re so damn good. Damn you, Chile’s! For those of you watching the game, you might have noticed yours truly was absent on the sidelines during parts of the game. Those would be the baby back ribs. I was walking out of the WC in the 3rd, my mind blown that the Oilers have now become the Texans, when I see a hot dog stand inside the stadium. I couldn’t help myself. Before I know it, the game is over and somehow we didn’t score anywhere close to 40, which was the bare minimum I thought we’d score. I really have no idea why the offense is failing to score more points, I’ve been laying out the perfect gameplan week after week. I’ve been out thinking, out scheming, out philosophizing and just outright out smarting the other team’s coaches. The player’s just need to execute better and I think it happens this week, I cannot wait. And I promise I won’t eat 8 racks of baby back ribs. I’m going to keep it down to around 4 or 5. I promise.

Steelers 39

Tennessee 2


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