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Look ahead to the Titans game…Steelers at the quarter mark

The Steelers offense obviously needs to start playing way better. Here is a little checklist of things we should NOT see this Sunday if the Steelers offense is going to get going. These things are signs that the offense is once again unprepared, poorly coached and lacking in execution. These are things that have plagued this offense all season thus far. I’d say if we see three or more of these offensive miscues this Sunday the Steelers offense will once again struggle.

– Steeler receivers and TE’s running almost into each other on passing routes.

– Steelers snapping the ball with around 1 second left on the gameclock.

– Same random plays and offensive sets to start game. No real plan of attack.

– Ben continuing to play dumb and stubbornly.

– WR’s not picking up hot reads, not adjusting routes.

– Continual misuse of talent on the offense.

On defense, the team will have to stop Chris Johnson first and foremost. Or will they? Johnson and the Titans running game has taken a backseat to the surprisingly good play of QB Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans passing game. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Titans will run the ball vs. what has been a surprisingly bad run defense for the Steelers. The Steelers concerns with the run defense will definitely make them look to shut down any sort of attempts by the Titans to test that area of the Steelers D. I believe the Steelers defense will do the job, for the most part, in this area of the game. If not, the game is already pretty much over. The bigger concern is actually against the Titans passing game, especially if Johnson is productive at times. With James Harrison out, Timmons will move to his spot, leaving Farrior and Foote at MLB. Holy crap, you have to be kidding me. That’s a huge hole in pass coverage, especially if Lebeau does nothing differently in this game. It’ll be nice if Lebeau comes up with some new wrinkles and ways to confuse the Titans offense. It’ll probably be needed.

Steelers at the Quarter Mark

QB – Ben is not growing or evolving as a QB right now. If anything, he is regressing. GRADE – C

RB – Mendenhall has been bad. Moore and Redman have not. GRADE – C+

WR – Wallace has put up some numbers, still arguable how complete he really is as an NFL WR. Brown has shown flashes of brilliance. Sanders has had a couple drops but has loads of potential. Ward is noticeably slowng down. GRADE – B

TE – Miller has produced when called upon, which is arguably not enough, as usual. Rookie Weslye Saunders has had a couple drops but has upside. GRADE – B

OL – Bad, bad and bad. But not quiet as bad as most portray them to be. GRADE – D

DL – Bad, bad and bad? Unfortunately yes. Great Steeler Aaron Smith should get less snaps as he has obviously struggled. Hood has been disappointing. Kiesel has been injured. GRADE – D

LB – Talk about an under performing group of guys. Timmons and particularly Woodley have been mediocre. Harrison has struggled through injuries and Farrior continues to be a starter, when it’s clear he should be a part-time player at this point. GRADE – C-

CB – Surprisingly, the secondary has taken a backseat to the struggles with the Steelers run defense. Teams simply haven’t gone after the Steelers secondary since they can just run the ball instead. Plus, no marquee QB’s have faced the Steelers pass defense yet (outside of arguably Matt Schaub). GRADE – B (Almost INC., though).

S –Troy has turned it on in recent weeks. Clark continues to be a mediocre FS. GRADE – B

Special Teams – Some good, some bad. Brown has been explosive as a returner. But he and Sanders have both stupidly fielded punts inside the 10 yard line numerous times this year. Kicker Shaun Suisham is just 5/8 from FG range, including a blocked FG and a 34 yard missed FG indoors in Indy. Coverage on kickoffs and punts has been pretty good. GRADE – B-

Arians – Arians continues to be a flatout a mediocre OC. He excels at nothing. GRADE – D-

Lebeau – Stale gameplans, questionable personnel moves, shoddy tackling by his defense. GRADE – D

Tomlin – Mr. Do-Nothing has done just that through 4 games this year, absolutely nothing. GRADE – D


– Brown is very talented.

– Wallace is going to have a big season stat-wise.

– Keenan Lewis could actually be a good NFL CB.

– Gilbert looks decent at RT as a rookie and will probably get only better.

– Troy looks to be back in old form.

– Steelers are 2-2 and look to have an easy upcoming schedule.


– Offensive output.

– Run defense.

– Coaching.

– Injuries.

– Steelers are 2-2 and look like a team right now that could easily lose to just about anyone in the NFL. (See Colts game).

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