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Week 6 Steelers-Jags Recap

In typical Steeler fashion, the team holds on at the end against a clearly inferior Jags team, 17-13. Woo-hoo!

QB – Ben got off to an efficient start, leading the Steelers to back to back TD drives in the 1st quarter. He had a number of sharp and quick strikes. After that, Ben made a number of inconsistent throws, including an overthrow to an open Antonio Brown in the endzone. He also continued to show that he is an erratic deep passer as he under threw a couple throws to fairly open WR’s. In Ben’s defense, it was clear that the Jags defense adjusted as the game went on, the Steeler offense of course did not. Even so, it’s inexcusable to have a delay of game penalty called on a veteran QB, which is what happened on one play today. Again, the play may have gotten in to Ben late (again) but you gotta snap the ball before the gameclock expires.

RB – Mendy had his first good game of the year. It only took him 5 weeks. Hey, let’s re-sign him to a huge contract! Mendy had a great run up the middle as he showed some nice speed and moves on the play. To play the “let’s take the long run away” game, Mendy just averaged 3.5 yards the rest of the game outside of the long run. Redman, bizarrely, had only 4 carries with over a 5 yard average. Dwyer chipped in 2 runs for 8 yards.

WR/TE – No big days from the WR corps. Wallace had only 2 grabs for 76 yards and a TD. Ward had a few grabs and showed his usual toughness on one grab. Sanders was wide open on his lone reception which was good for a nice 32 yards. Miller got off to a good start with a few nice grabs early, he then was ignored for the rest of the game. He also seemed to be running the same 6 yard button hook the whole game. Brown was very quiet the entire game, hardly thrown outside of a few throws (one of which was the bad overthrow in the endzone).

OL- The O-line continues to make strides, even with the usual weekly injury, this time to Dougie Legursky. The run blocking was good for most of the game. The pass blocking became erratic as the game progressed. Partly due to longer developing passing plays the Steelers progressively used for whatever reason going into the 2nd half. Starks in particular allowed some Jag pass rushers to get to Ben, causing a fumble on one play. I know fans are happy to see Starks back after the poor play at LT early in the season but Starks is slow and mediocre in pass protection.

DL – Kiesel showed that the cagey vet can still play, ending the game with 2 sacks and 2 batted passes. Hood had the opportunity to snag a couple INT’s but couldn’t come up with the goods. Heyward wasn’t on the stat sheet but showed some good pressure at times. The D-line was pushed back on some run plays but was solid for most of the game.

LB – Farrior and Foote, the “dynamic duo” were active all game, but not necessarily in a good way. Farrior had a sack when he was once again untouched and had an actual pass defended, which might be the first one since 2007. But he was also stupidly left out in deep pass coverage and was burned badly in the 2nd half. He had a couple nice plays in run defense. Foote also had a couple solid plays in run defense but also was slower than dirt in getting to Gabbert on the Jag’s lone TD of the day. On the play, Foote was untouched on his blitz but took what seemed to be eons in getting to Gabbert, allowing the Jags QB to toss the ball into the endzone for 6. Woodley looked good in getting some pressure on Gabbert and ended the game with 2 sacks. Timmons did practically nothing most of the game as he lined up at Harrison’s spot.

CB/S – Taylor had his worst game of the year. Not horrible, but he did seem to be lolly gagging a good bit of the time including on the Jag’s lone TD. On the play, Taylor was trailing the WR by a good few steps. Maybe Taylor just figured Gabbert wouldn’t be throwing his way. Gay and Lewis both had decent games. Troy was once again a monster, disrupting run plays (including a big 3rd and short stop late in the game) and was all over the field. Clark was again invisible. Mundy ran into the punter and was flagged. Let’s hope he is the Steelers next FS (Sarcasm!!).

ST – Brown had one nice 34 yard return but wasn’t given any more opportunities the rest of the game. Punt returns were minimal. The coverage teams did a decent job. Suisham continues to suck on long FG’s as he missed a 46 yarder in the 1st half. The guy, at this point, is a liability. So far this season Suisham is 7/11 on FG’s. Maybe that’s where he’ll be working soon.

Arians – Arians had the offense come out with a solid gameplan. Run the ball and use the short quick passes we saw last week. And it worked. And then the Steelers reverted back to “Arians ball”, running the ball repeatedly on 1st down (in the 2nd half, the Steelers attempted just one pass play on 1st down), while going back to the vertical, long-developing pass plays on later downs. And of course the results of this was absolutely no points in the 2nd half. While part of the blame lays on Ben, the fact is the Jags were jumping predictable routes and the short options became less and less of a focus as the game went on. Ben was holding onto the ball because no one was open later in the game. Miller seemed to be the lone short option on most plays, outside of a occasional RB, and he seemed to be running virtually the same route every play! And the Jags clearly knew it. This was the question that was posed last week – Could Arians adjust if the other team adjusted? And of course the answer is NO.

Lebeau – Lebeau did a decent job, but did have his team play sloppily at times. His continual misuse of Farrior is also questionable. Overall, a decent gameplan but nothing of real note, especially considering the horrible offense the Steelers were facing. Still not a fan of Lebeau’s usage of the CB blitz. Seems to be ineffective the way Lebeau has them designed and makes the secondary more suspect.

Tomlin – Another typical game under a Tomlin-coached team. If the team doesn’t show up flat and unprepared to start the game, then rest assured the team WILL go flat in the 2nd half, which is what happened today. Thanks to that, we get a game that should’ve been a blow out, turn into another tight one. Has this team EVER played a complete game under Tomlin? Has this team EVER made in-game adjustments under Tomlin? Besides of course going no-huddle? One obvious coaching blunder today occurred at the end of the 1st half, with the Jags facing a long 3rd and 12 and backed up deep into their own end the Steelers were poised to get the ball back in good field position with about a minute left in the half. What does Tomlin do? Of course he doesn’t call a TO and the Steelers are instead left with just 10 seconds and a kneel down. If the Steelers were facing a competent team today that kind of move could’ve been the difference between a win or loss. It almost was anyways!

Not exactly an impressive win. Game started off well, but thanks to some bad play and “asleep-at-the-wheel” coaching, it turned into another nail biter. Tough to get a gauge on this team right now. Next week could be interesting as the Steelers head out to Arizona to face the Cardinals.

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