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Cardinals game

The Steelers, historically, have struggled when going out to Arizona to face the Cardinals. This game may continue the trend. Expect a close game as the Steelers will probably head in with another mediocre gameplan and poor in-game coaching. Sunday’s game will probably not be won in the 1st half or even the 3rd quarter. If the Steelers find themselves up by 10+, expect the team to get conservative and/or go away from what was working, allowing the Cards to hang around until the end of the game. Book it! Especially considering the cross country trip. The Steelers Should (that’s SHOULD) get the W, but with this team and Tomlin leading the way, anything is possible. But the Steelers clearly are the better squad.

Lock of the week – Dan Dierdorf will say something particularly stupid.

Iffy proposition – Ben has a good game and/or over 300 yards passing.

50/50 – Dierdorf chokes on another chili cheesedog in the booth.

You Don’t Know More Than The Coaches!!!! You Don’t Know More Than Me!!!!

It has become pretty clear by now that most football fans simply aren’t very bright. I guess the game itself tends to attract more dummies than smart folks. And you know what? Get ready for it, because here it comes – this is the shocking part – that applies to coaches as well. I’ve noticed a trend that whenever a fan criticizes a coach or coaching staff, there is ALWAYS someone out there proclaiming that the fan really has no right to question the coach and/or his coaching staff. The reason for that is that the coach and his staff are privy to information the fan. If that isn’t the response then it’s the ol’ reliable “The coaches know a little more than you do so shut up!”

These responses may seem like flawed logic, and they are, but there is a point I guess to show that coaches do usually tend to have more technical knowledge of the game than the majority of fans. But my response to that would be – So what? Having more knowledge on a subject such as football does not mean that you are out on the field making smart decisions, or that you are strategically intelligent or that you are some super intelligent person that should be put on a pedestal (which some fans seem to think). If anything, it’s the opposite – Take a look at some past head coaches – Jon Gruden, Jerry Glanville, Barry Switzer, Steve Mariucci, Rich Kotite, the list goes on and on and on and on. Ever seen these guys on TV? They are some of the goofiest, stupidest guys around! I mean, c’mon, I like Gruden but he is far from being a Rhodes Scholar.

Look at the Steelers own head coach, Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has even admitted that he struggles with game clock management. I’ve gotta ask – is it really that hard???  How long has Tomlin been head coach? I’m sure Tomlin is an intelligent guy away from the football field but holy canoli, continually messing up on basic stuff like time clock management would get you fired pretty fast in the real world.

Whenever a coach comes along that is actually intelligent (Chuck Noll), an innovator (Bill Walsh) or a strategic master (Bill Belichick/Bill Parcells) look at the results – Multiple championships and teams scrambling to catch up (Some are still trying to catch up!). Belichick took an above average team and led them to a perfect regular season record (only the 2nd team to ever do that in the NFL). They eventually lost in the Super Bowl but the team was simply above average!

And at the same time, most sports fans (especially football fans) are dumb. This overall dimness lends itself to non-critical thinking and a lack of  independent analysis or thought most of the time, which spills over to sports messageboards and sports radio call in shows the world over. I’ve frequented sports message boards for longer than I care to admit. There are basically 4 types of fans that frequent these forums.

– The rah-rah fan – These are the vast majority of fans, lacking much insight or analytical skills, these guys mostly parrot whatever the mainstream (or local) media spews regarding their team.

– The coach is always right fan – This kind of fan will always look for something else to blame for a team’s woes other than the coach. If you disagree with them, regardless of logic or proof, they will simply respond with “You just need to learn the game,” and go back to blindly defending whatever view they have. Stubborn, myopic, dumb and impossible to converse with – all rolled into one!!! Conversely, there is also “the player is always right fan”. These fans are much harder to find.

– The trolls – Pretty self-explanatory, they pop up here and there and are always fun to deal with.

– The independently thinking fan – The rarest of fans. This kind of fan is actually capable of independent thought and analysis, often going against group think and popular (but usually wrong) opinion. Not always right, but usually more right than most.

Football is a game I’ll always love but good luck finding intelligent and eye-opening discussion most of the time. It’s a sport that attracts (at all levels) some not-so-bright folks.

Movie Time

Melancholia – Like most of Lars Von Trier’s movies, it can be almost a physically hard or disturbing movie to watch at times. With a plot based on real conspiracy theories (hidden planets in our solar system, etc.) it is definitley not a movie you’ll ever see Hollywood make. I honestly don’t know what to rate it, but it’s worth checking out if you’re into conspiracy theories, end of the world theories or movies that definitely aren’t run of the mill.

Flypaper – With a plot containing more holes than the Steelers O-line (hey-oh!) this film is a real disaster. Two groups of robbers try to rob a bank at the same time, a bunch of convoluted plot twists then play out. Chances are you turn the movie off 30 minutes in. It almost feels like 20 really mediocre screenwriters took turns writing the script and plot to this movie. 1 out of 5 Roethlisbergers.


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