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Around the NFL Week 7

* This will be a continually updated post for the early games today in the NFL.

– I think I’ve just seen the worst call ever in the history of the NFL. The Seahawks were just called for a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty when Seahawk safety Kam Chancellor hit and sacked Browns QB Colt McCoy. On the play, Chancellor lowers his helmet and hit hits McCoy (with his shoulder!!!) in the mid section and tackles him. I have to ask again – WHAT EXACTLY WAS WRONG AND ILLEGAL ON THE PLAY, WHAT IS THE DEFENDER SUPPOSED TO DO DIFFERENTLY ON THE PLAY???? The vast majority of tackles includes the defender lowering his body and helmet and making the tackle. I’m almost done watching the NFL after this call.

– I can’t believe I’m watching this Browns-Seahawks game. It’s horrible, thanks NFL.

– No surprise that the Chargers are up right now 14-3 over the Jets in NY. The Jets are not a very good team right now. Too many holes and potential team cancers (Santonio Holmes). Combine that with a mediocre QB and you have an average team.

– Colt McCoy is a bad QB. And I don’t see that changing. He’s bad.

– Amazing that an NFL team is starting Tim Tebow at QB. Proof that teams should always be questioned, especially when that same team spends a 1st round pick on Tim Tebow.

– Matty Hasselbleck is currently 5/13 for 60 yards and an INT. Ouch. Looks like the honeymoon in Tennessee is over.

– I really hate NFL.com’s website. It sucks and is a good reflection of Goodell. Ads everywhere, slow and poorly laid out. Whenever I try to load a page a video ad pops up that I can’t disable. Whenever I try to watch a video on there I’m hit with about a minute long ad. NFL = GREED.

– There are probably more  mediocre and bad teams now than ever in the NFL’s history. I can only name about 4 or 5 legitimately good teams right now.

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