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Around The NFL at the halfway point of the season

The NFL is having a fairly lackluster season so far. Most teams that I’ve seen play are simply mediocre or just downright bad. I constantly look at teams with 5-2 records and say to myself “Really?”

– I haven’t seen the Bengals play much this year so I can’t really give a very informed opinion on the team other than to say that I can’t believe they are 5-2 based on what I have seen of them. Their offense, from what I’ve seen, is just flatout mediocre. Given that, I still don’t think it’s a lock that the Ravens finish ahead of them. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bengals find themselves in the playoffs this year and the Ravens out. The Ravens are definitely overrated. Mediocre QB, mediocre offense and an overrated and aging defense.

– The AFC, overall, is still a crapshoot as far as what teams will ultimately make it into the playoffs. Chargers, Chiefs, Texans, Titans, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Bills and Patriots are the teams most likely to make it in at this point. Don’t want to jinx the Steelers, but outside of them I don’t think there are any 100% sure locks for the playoffs right now in the AFC. Maybe either the Ravens or Bengals considering how easy their schedules are.

– I still can’t believe Norv Turner is STILL the coach of the Chargers. Are the Chargers even serious about winning a Super Bowl? Apparently not.

– The Bills could do some damage in the playoffs. They are for real. How good they are is hard to say but they are legit.

– I can’t believe the Giants are 5-2. They lost to the Seahawks at home for crying out loud! Everytime I’ve seen them play they’ve looked like dogshit in a basket. Eli has to be the luckiest QB I’ve ever seen play in the NFL, whenever he throws it deep, it’s usually a lollipop special that somehow is either completed or a DB drops a sure INT. I’ve never seen anything like it.

– Still not convinced the Eagles “are back” like the media seems to be so intent on believing. I mean, the team is 3-4. There are 8 teams currently in the NFC that have better records and Michael Vick is still one of the most overrated QB’s in the NFL.

– Are the Lions going to collapse in the 2nd half of the season? Is this team actually cursed? Or are things different this year in Detroit? In 2007, the Lions started off really well with a 6-2 record with QB Jon Kitna at the helm before losing 7 of the last 8 games en route to a third place finish in their division.

– Say what you want about the Harbaugh boys, these guys apparently can coach. Think about the job both are doing with what are fairly mediocre teams on paper. I still don’t know how in the hell the 49ers are 6-1. Maybe playing in maybe the worst division ever in the NFL has something to do with it, but still very impressive (a road win in Detroit? Not bad.). Jimmy Harbaugh is my coach of the year so far. And the Ravens, IMO, have consistently overachieved with John Harbaugh as coach. On paper, the team simply isn’t very good. Flacco is B-level, no WR’s, an aging defense.

– Cam Newton continues to impress even though the Panthers keep losing.

– Uh, that’s about it I guess. I think the Packers are an almost lock for a repeat trip to the Super Bowl. It’s not that the Packers are a great team without any weaknesses (they definitely are not), it’s the fact that the NFC blows this year. What team is going to beat the Packers in the playoffs in the NFC? I’m not saying it can’t or won’t be done, but I’m finding it fairly unlikely as the season progresses.

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