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Week 12 Steelers-Chiefs Recap

Steelers squeak out an unimpressive win on the road against the Chiefs, 13-9. This might’ve been the worst game ever played in the NFL outside of the strike years.

QB- Ben was sharp in the 1st half, but had some drops. He made some terrible decisions in the 2nd half, including a bad INT. He still held onto the ball way too long at times and looked confused on some downs. He did checkdown a good bit in the 2nd half, though, which is good to see. Especially considering every other WR almost always seemed to be headed downfield or running simple 15 yard button hooks.

RB – Rashard had a few nice runs and few real crappy ones. He still holds the ball very recklessly and was very lucky not to have had a couple fumbles in this game. Redman started cold but had a couple nice plays in the 2nd half. Moore made a big boner with a fumble on the first drive inside the Chiefs 10. He made some nice plays in the 2nd half.

WR/TE – Handful of drops by this group. Miller had a couple. Wallace had a couple. Brown had one. To be fair, almost all these drops were in tight coverage, but at least some of those have to be made. Wallace, in particular, has been somewhat disappointing recently. His drops just seem to re-affirm that he doesn’t fight for a ball very well in physical matchups with DB’s. Brown, it can be argued, is the best WR on the team right now. At least the most complete. Outside of a drop he was money all night. Ward chipped in on a few catches for short yardage. Sanders also had a couple catches. Rookie Saunders had the lone TD of the game on a terrific back endzone toe tapper.

OL – Real bad game by these guys. Holding penalties, bad pass protection, stupid mistakes. The list goes on. Starks and Foster in particular were bad. Legs as well.

DL – I guess an OK game, but not so much in the 2nd half when the Chiefs started to get a nice push for positive yards on the ground. Ziggy Hood continues to not amaze.

LB – Harrison and Timmons were both MIA for most of the game. Sames goes for most of these guys. Worilds seemed to be getting some nice pressure on a few plays. He was held as well but of course no flags thrown.

CB/S – Ike actually had an INT on one of the worst throws of the year by Tyler Palko. Gay almost was burned by Bowe but luckily he dropped a deep sideline pass. Other than that, Gay had a real solid game, including a great open field tackle on a smoke screen that could’ve gone for nice yardage. Keenan Lewis sealed the game with a nice INT. Troy went out early with a concussion and Clark played the whole game.

ST – Suisham made a long FG! Nice to see. Brown, for whatever reason, didn’t field kickoffs. Sanders did and he was OK.

Arians – The Chiefs had 3 turnovers in the 1st half alone, including one deep inside their own territory. The Steelers offense, of course, failed to capitalize. Watching this offense tonight was like watching a 3 ring circus – guys running around aimlessly with seemingly no idea what they were doing. A pretty good reflection of their OC. Here are some highlights from tonight’s 13 point extravaganza.

– On the first series, a “Too many men in the huddle” penalty (Awesome! The team is clearly prepared to play!)

– Yet another early TO call.

– An end around to the short side of the field on a 1st and 20.

– As with every game, almost every run is off tackle to the right side of the line.

– Early on, Ward is the focal point of the offensive attack.

– Horrible playcalling inside the redzone.

– Hardly any short or creative passing routes to help get guy’s open.

– No use of Wallace except for the deep ball, even though he’s proven he can run other routes.

Just fire this fucker already. I can’t take it anymore. Promote Fichtner right now. This offense looked downright horrible tonight. Playcalling, preparation, execution, etc. Fans can make the “players need to execute” excuse only so many times before it’s obvious that it’s a reflection of the coaches. And the O-line was bad tonight. Did Arians do anything to compensate for it? OF COURSE NOT. Just fire this fucking dirtbag, I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Lebeau – Another nailbiter at the end. For some reason this defense is failing to get hardly any pressure on QB’s this season. At least consistently. Tonight was no different. And I don’t understand why Willie Gay is covering a big physical WR like Bowe. It’s a bad matchup. Come on, Lebeau, wake up, that mismatch almost cost the team some points tonight. Overall, I guess a decent game by the defense but when the Chiefs have Tyler fuckin’ Palko as their QB, it’s hard to make a worthwhile assessment. Even with Palko, the 4th quarter is once again a huge cause for concern.

Tomlin – The bye week hangover strikes again. Or at least that’s what I’d like to believe, but honestly, this game wasn’t any different than the vast majority of games under Tomlin. The Steelers playing down to the competition, looking unprepared, uninspired, playing stupid, etc. Why is Tomlin OK with Ben doing his usual stupid “4th down-hope-the-defense-jumps-offsides-routine” for about the 10th time this year? It’s embarrassing to watch but what’s worse is the wasted timeout the Steelers used instead of just taking a 5 yard penalty and punting it. There is that time clock management issue once again.

A win’s a win but this game was horrible to watch. I’ve said it before but the Steelers might be one of the dumbest teams in the NFL and tonight was yet another example of that. Luckily, they are also one of the most talented but I’m having a hard time picturing this team getting to the Super Bowl and actually winning this year after watching games like this (And what looks to be a very mediocre coaching staff, for the most part).

On another note, I can’t take the officiating anymore in the NFL. There were a number of horrible calls in this game in the 1st half, including blatantly bullshit pass interference calls on the Chiefs (that’s right, the Chiefs, not the Steelers). If I’m back here next week, that means I’ve made it through another week of football. If not, that means I’m done with the NFL. I seriously don’t think I can take it anymore, almost every game I’ve seen this year has been over officiated, with calls so bad and inconsistently called it’s just not fun to watch the game anymore. Fuck you, Goodell.


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