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The Future…Or why the Steelers won’t be back to the SB for a long time…

What’s the early forecast for this team headed into next season? Well, if the news of both Dick Lebeau and Bruce Arians returning is anything to go by, it’s not good. Sure, the Steelers still might (and probably will) end up with a winning record next year, but expect the offense to continue to underperform, struggle to score points, etc. Why would it be any different? What’s the definition of insanity, again? The defense should still rank fairly high but will probably still struggle against good passing teams.

Honestly, I’m starting to really dislike Tomlin more and more with each passing year. If he’s NOT the one OK’ing these guys to come back then WHY IS HE THE HEAD COACH? I mean, if that’s the case then I’m misdirecting my dislike and it should be going towards the Rooneys and the FO for hiring what is in effect a puppet coach. And if that’s the case (which if it is, it’s even more infuriating because it means the Rooney’s hired Tomlin, in all likelihood, because of “The Rooney Rule”), get ready for a downward slide. For all the flaws that Cowher had as head coach at least you KNEW he was the head coach and acted accordingly.

But let’s pretend that Tomlin is the one calling the shots here – This is just further proof of a head coach that does nothing, which is why I nicknamed Tomlin “Mr. Do-Nothing” after the Texans loss this season. The guy is either too incompetent or too scared to put his stamp on this team. That much is crystal clear at this point. With that being the case, then the FO would be smart in taking decision-making away from Tomlin (and maybe they are). But again, IF that is the case, then WHY WAS HE HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Maybe the Rooneys thought they could get by with the FO making all the decisions and Tomlin would be a great example of the Rooney Rule working. I don’t know and I frankly just don’t fucking care at this point…I’m not even sure what I just wrote makes any fucking sense! ARGHGHGHGHGHHHH!!!!!

I honestly don’t know if I can take another season watching the Steelers offense with Arians as OC. I’m not going to go on some long diatribe against Arians – his incompetence is well documented on here and on other websites, he is at BEST a mediocre offensive coordinator. At worst, he is a dumb, incompetent guy who somehow lucked his way into an NFL coaching job. No, this is on the FO and/or Tomlin for allowing him to keep his job even though he has failed repeatedly at it. It really blows my mind that he’s coming back for another year, maybe it’s just to torture Steeler fans everywhere. And what’s more amazing is it took Tomlin only about 2 or 3 days after the playoff loss to come to that “decision”. What. The. Fuck. Is Tomlin a puppet or an idiot? Whenever I see Tomlin on the sideline these days I find myself thinking “This is a guy that looks like he is in well over his head.” Although he still gives great press conferences!

Anyways, when you combine this news with the ever increasing rule changes and enforcement under the Goodell-era NFL and I don’t know if I’ll be back next year watching football. I’ve been saying that for a while, this might very well be the tipping point.

I was going to post what I thought the Steelers should do personnel-wise in the off-season but maybe I’ll save that for another day. Or maybe not, this news is just too depressing.

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