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Broncos get annihilated, Steelers are a dumb team, News at 11

A week after beating the Steelers, the Denver Broncos and Tebow get totally annihilated by the Patriots up in New England. What does this mean for Steeler fans? Well, not much I guess other than it makes last week’s loss sting maybe a little more (or less) depending on your perspective.

To me, the Broncos getting annihilated a week after beating the Steelers just re-affirms what I’ve always stated on here – The coaching is arguably the weakest part of this Steelers team. These last two weeks is just further proof of that.

I can hear the yinzer excuses now –

“Well, we were banged up, we’ll get ’em next year.”

“Ike just had a bad game.”

“When are we going to get that O-line fixed?”

“When just need to execute better, blah, blah, blah.”

These are legitimate concerns/observations but they are just part of a bigger problem and when fans focus on just one or two of the above it does nothing but mask the bigger (and root) problem, which continues to be the coaching. Are the Patriots a better team than the Steelers? Definitely not on paper. Are the Steelers better than the Broncos? Definitely on paper. So how does one explain the scores and outcomes the last two weeks? Just a bad game by Ike, huh? Oh, those injuries, yeah, that’s it, even though Redman had over a hundred yards rushing (Mendenhall out) and the Broncos barely ran the ball effectively (even with Hampton and Kiesel both out).

When every game mirrors the next – in execution, intensity, preparation, gameplanning and playcalling, when there are continual problems in all those areas, guess what? That directly goes back to coaching! Otherwise, there is no need for coaches. It’s not like what occurred in the Broncos loss was an aberration, the team has played (and coached) dumb and sloppy the whole year.

I kept waiting for the Steelers to “turn it on” this year and typically the team does that in the playoffs. Didn’t happen this year. Team was flat throughout the season, barely edging out mediocre teams en route to a (ho-hum) 12-4 record. That goes back to coaching. Look at how pumped up the Pats defense was in tonight’s game against the Broncos. What happened to the Steelers intensity? It seems to have vanished.

I find it interesting that when fans talk about the Steelers coaching staff it’s always centered around Lebeau and Arians and hardly EVER on the Mike Tomlin. Is that how it’s like in New England? No. Why is that, exactly? I’m starting to think that Tomlin is actually a spokesperson for the team and just so happens to have the title “head coach”. Sort of how the White House has a spokesperson to address the media. This makes more sense to me than thinking Tomlin is actually a real head coach at this point. And it really makes sense when you think about how well Tomlin does at the press conferences (but not so much during actual games)…

I was watching the Saints-49ers playoff game, pretty fun game BTW, and I saw a 49ers team that was intense and fired up, that had a great gameplan and that played sound, smart, fundamental football. In some ways, they actually reminded me of a Steelers team…from years back.

I look around during the playoffs and see teams better coached than the Steelers and it’s just so frustrating to witness. Maybe next year, huh? Not likely without any changes at the top.

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