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Ben wants Fichtner to be OC? Don’t promote him

Rumor has it that Ben is lobbying for QB coach Randy Fichtner to be promoted to the vacated offensive coordinator spot –


Not a fan of that website for numerous reasons, BUT, if there is any truth to it (And it sure wouldn’t surprise me) then I hope the Steelers think long and hard before promoting him to OC.

I don’t want to slam Fichtner, he could be a great OC, and he may be the one hired, who knows, but he has been the QB coach since 2010, and I’m not really seeing the benefits from that. I am extremely leery at this point to see the Steelers do what Ben “wants” and actually view it as a warning sign, if anything, based on recent history.

It’s no secret that Ben’s judgment is questionable at best (both on and off the field). In recent years, Ben has seemingly gotten what he has wanted – the team consistently drafting WR’s, retaining Arians as OC, having more control of the offense, etc. What have been the results? An offense that has continually underperformed and a QB that has arguably not grown or progressed at QB. Why, at this point, do you listen to him for advice?

I found it sort of funny that Ben recently mentioned, in a somewhat confrontational tone/message, that he wanted to meet with Art Rooney II, the team’s President and Co-Owner, to discuss “Just what he wants from this offense” after Arians was fired (Arians obviously didn’t “retire”, since he was just hired by the Colts). I dunno, Ben, maybe for the offense to score some fucking points for a change? Just how dumb is #7?

Fans have constantly defended Ben (myself included) whenever rumors surface that he’s lazy, arrogant, etc. Well, I’m starting to think those rumors are probably true. Ben constantly shows up out of shape, he seems to still have trouble reading defenses (dumb or simply not watching enough tape of opposing teams?), he hasn’t progressed in any noticeable areas. It’s very easy to say that he still largely relies on raw talent to get by, which is something that has diminishing returns as a player gets older.

I really think, if this rumor is true, that Ben probably wants Fichtner promoted simply because it means an extension of the Arians era – both in offensive philosophy and coaching. I can understand the continuity of the overall offensive philosophy but Ben clearly needs a better coach, not someone that won’t push Ben to be better and will just be another buddy on the sideline. He needs someone that won’t let him become complacent (or even lazy, by NFL standards), which seems to be a real issue at this point. I really have doubts whether Fichtner is that guy, especially IF Ben is lobbying for him to be the next OC, and the fact that Fichtner has been the QB coach the last two years and not much has improved in Ben’s play.

I think the problem at the core is Ben is simply oblivious to the problems on the offense – Which means that he’s either – really dumb, stubborn, arrogant, lazy or a combination of all those things. That would explain why a QB would warn against possibly losing his OC, while continually talking about the “sky’s the limit” with the offense but yet somehow miss the fact that the Steelers offense has continually underperformed in putting up points year after year. It would also explain why a QB would publicly put out a confrontational message towards the co-owner and president of the team after losing his OC, like it was somehow the crime of the century. It would also explain why, to this day, Ben still takes eons of time in the pocket while continually looking downfield, NOTHING has changed in his playing style.

It’ll be a shame if Ben ends his career without ever truly reaching his potential. He clearly hasn’t yet, and I blame part of that on the coaching (Arians in particular). Maybe Ben is really a drama queen (or someone with too big an ego) that can’t handle a coach with real opposing viewpoints, a coach that will point out mistakes and expect accountability. It’s even possible that he’s too dumb and/or stubborn to be coached past a certain point. Who knows, it’s all speculation on my part. But in any case, maybe it’s time for the Steelers to take a step back and look at what is ultimately in the best interest of the entire team, instead of seemingly and blindly trying to placate one player. Going that route has had, at best, mixed results in recent years. Maybe it’s a perfect time to try something different (and I’m not talking about Jim Caldwell!).

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