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Why the Steelers should keep Hines Ward for another year

I’ll admit I’m a big Hines Ward fan so this article may be a little biased. Given that, it seems the sentiment among a number of Steeler fans is Hines Ward is deadweight at this point in his career and it’s time for the team to cut ties with the Steeler legend. Let’s look at the reasons why that would be a bad move.

1. Perhaps the biggest reason, and it’s something that has been completely overlooked, is the Steelers depth at WR is actually questionable. Crazy opinion? I don’t think so – Mike Wallace’s production took a big nosedive in the 2nd half of this past season and outside of him and Antonio Brown no one else is proven in the long term. I’m a big fan of Manny Sanders but he just hasn’t played enough and has been injured a good bit in his short NFL career. Jerricho Cotchery played well at times as a FA pickup this past season, but still only had 16 receptions, is 29, and easily could sign with another team in the off-season. I’m just not seeing the awesome depth the Steelers have at this position.

2. Hines Ward still had 49 catches last year AND can still play.

3. Ward has offered to play for less, if he comes back for the minimum, it’s a no-brainer.

4. Did I mention Ward can still play? There’s a good chance Haley implements more shorter passes and different schemes into the offense, which plays right into Ward’s strengths.

5. The guy is one of the most clutch WR’s to ever play the game. In the Super Bowl loss to the Packers, Ward was arguably the best WR that day for the Steelers, finishing the game with 7 grabs and a TD. That was in 2011.

Would the Steelers not miss a beat if Ward wasn’t on the team in 2012? Very possible. But why take the chance when/if he’s willing to come back for vet minimum? Unless the Steelers make a splash in free agency and come away with another WR ready to play I just don’t see how it’s worth getting rid of Ward.

He’s obviously not the same player he once was but he still had almost 50 catches last year and can still catch the ball. I definitely don’t see him being, in anyway, a scapegoat for the offensive problems on this team like some fans seem to think. The man is a Steeler legend, let him play out one more year.

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