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Steelers-Broncos Recap

The Steelers looked good at times but the defense, and an untimely pick 6 by Ben, sinks the Steelers, 19-31 against the Broncos.

The Good – Jonathan Dwyer is the real deal. He should be the #1 RB.

The offensive philosophy as a whole was good. It was great to see Ben checking down in designed ways to the RB’s and TE’s. Obviously execution needs to improve but it’s nice to see. If things do improve, this will be a fun offense to watch further down the road this season. Some of the misdirection stuff was also fun to watch.

Miller was great. Ben’s passes looked sharp for most of the game.

Heyward is the real deal. Mike Adams looked good for the most part.

The WR’s are fun to watch. Luckily, Sanders wasn’t seriously hurt on the helmet to helmet play that was flagged.

The Bad – The Steelers defense, especially the secondary and D-line, not good, especially in pass coverage against a weak armed Peyton Manning. I had a feeling going into this season that the defense might be taking a step back and unfortunately I think that might be indeed true.

Seeing Mundy out on the field doing pretty much nothing, I guess that’s not much different than seeing Clark out on the field doing pretty much nothing. Steelers really need an athletic FS.

The offensive playcalling for the first 3 or so series. I understand wanting to establish some balance and a run game but running it literally on EVERY 1st and 2nd down is just stupid. Especially when it isn’t productive. Makes me think the Rooneys have maybe a little too much say in how the team is run on the field. I know, blasphemy talk.

The over reliance on Redman early on. I like Redman, but he’s clearly not a #1 RB, he’s really more of a FB. Classic example of the Steelers being overly conservative with player personnel decisions.

Tomlin challenging an obvious catch and NO fumble by a Broncos WR in the 4th quarter. Desperate and dumb move.

Ziggy Hood continues to be pretty much a non-factor. Same goes for Woodley about 90% of the time.

Legursky was pretty awful to say the least. Same goes for Colon, who seemed to be trying to break his own record for most penalties in a game.

Ben is frustratingly dumb and stubborn at least a few times a game. This game was no different.

Lebeau’s defensive playcalling was ridiculously milquetoast in the 2nd half. Almost like the defense was playing in a scrimmage game.

Let’s see how the Steelers bounce back against the Jets at home next week.

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